~Chapter Seven~

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One Month Later. . .


All of our new Board Members, were assembling this morning. Mr.
Thatcher's nine most trusted, and respected members were joining us today
from London. Bianca, Kendall, Sheila, and Andrea were all becoming official
Board Members, as well. We still had six original members. So there were now
twenty-five members, in total.

This was a momentous day. Carrington Enterprises was becoming, The Phoenix that rose from the ashes.

I was grabbing everything I needed to make my Power Point Presentation at the meeting. A knock sounded at my office door, "Enter!" I shouted.

"Would you like another pair of hands to assist you?" Sabine offered.

I started fumbling with papers, and folders clutched under my chin, and in my hands, "That would be great." I let out a sigh of relief.

Sabine immediately, came to my aide, "Can I sit in on your presentation? I would love to see everyone's thoughts on where the company is headed, and what suggestions you have. I'm definitely a fan of your hard work this past month."

"I don't see why not? After all, you've been my very helpful assistant." I gave her a nervous smile, I was shocked at her friendliness today. What's the catch?

We rode on the elevator up to the conference room in silence. I was reviewing my presentation in my mind. The elevator doors opened to the eighteenth floor. I gestured for her to proceed me, as we made our way down the hall.

I loved hearing the buzz of excitement in the air, coming from the conference
room. It hasn't been like that, in over a year. It was nice meeting, and greeting
all of the new Board Members. We had an amazing team assembled now. We
were getting back to where we used to be, thanks to Andrew Thatcher.

"Everyone, this is our Chief Financial Officer, Shayne Carrington. He is going
to enlighten us, as to where we're at financially, as opposed to where we used to be. Then he will show us how we can get beyond that point. Shayne, please begin your Presentation, we're all eyes and ears." Grey sat down in his chair, with an attentive expression on his face.

"Actually, I brought my incredible right hand assistant with me today. Her
name is, Sabine Harlow. I couldn't do my job without her. I would like her
to help, with the Presentation." I met Sabine's eyes, with an encouraging wink,
and a nod for her to begin.

She stood in front of everyone, and spoke with a shaky voice, at first. She looked at me for reassurance, and I gave her a thumbs up of support.

She continued, "I'd like everyone to turn to page one of your packet, and view the chart of lost revenue. This chart, is from calculations done consecutively, over the past month. The second chart shows lost revenue, this same time last year, for comparison. The third chart is where we want to be, again. Shayne and I have proposed a financial strategy, and we feel it will make a major difference."

I positioned myself at an angle, that was adjacent to her. I couldn't help noticing the softness of her face, her long dark eyelashes, dark brown exotic eyes, and slight freckles. She spoke with authority, yet humbly. I had never allowed myself to notice these things about her, before today.

I approached, and stood next to her, "We made this graph to show the intended
gain in revenue, and where expenses can be cut immediately, to be cost effective."
I shared the next part of the Presentation.

"Great job," I leaned in and whispered close to her ear, inhaling her
perfume. She looked up at me, and I forgot my next words, literally.

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