Chapter 12: Fitz

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And still, I couldn't bear to think of the harmless fun we were having that resulted in this. The pressure of the guilt that was cracking my soul bit by bit with each second that ticked by with her thinking that I didn't care about her in the way she wished. But I do.
I really liked Sophie. Even if it was a prank, it seemed real to me. Every second of it. Heck, I thought we may even have a future together. Who knows?
Who knows if she'll ever be able to forgive us?
Forgive me?
If I were her, I'd never forgive me. But I'm not her. I'm me. And all I want is to hold her in my arms again and tell her I'm sorry and that everything is going to be fine.
"We have a problem."
Tam's voice snapped me out of my daze. He, Linh, and Dex all stood before me, looked grim. "What?"
"Come down. The parents are here."
I raced down the stairs after them and found my parents as well as Grady huddled together. I figured that Edaline must be around somewhere else. They were whispering, their voices and faces pained with anguish and fear.
"Guys? What's wrong?" Sophie walked down the stairs slowly. I tried to catch her eye, but she averted her glance away from me. I tried not to feel too hurt. Give her a little time. I sighed.
Grady cleared his throat. "It seems that Biana has decided to run away with the Sencen boy."
"WHAT??" We all immediately erupted with questions.
My dad waved his hands for silence. "There is no reason to worry. We have sent out a search party after them, and when they get home, I can assure you that Biana will receive a long lecture - and punishment from me."
The rest of the parents nodded in agreement. I shook my head in disbelief. Ever since Biana started dating Keefe, she had turned more reckless in her actions and behavior, but I never expected her to be as foolish as this.
"Actually," all our heads turned as Edaline walked in. "There is reason to worry."
Her voice cracked slightly, but she took in a deep breath and said, "The search party has gone missing. I just tried tracking them, and it said the last place they were was at the edge of the forest. Same for Keefe and Biana. I fear they are in terrible danger."
Grady put an arm around her. "I'm sure they've just destroyed their trackers."
Edaline shook her head, her eyes wide. "I'm not so sure. Because...because the last place they were seen was Mallow Lake!"
"Biana! Keefe!"
Sophie and I were searching in the forest for them. The trees were all shades of bright green and the grass was lively, but it sure didn't reflect the mood of the situation. It wasn't my idea to be paired up with her, but I was secretly pleased. I was hoping to talk to her and clear things up with her. And hopefully tell her how I really feel.
But she walked ahead of me most of the way, and our conversations were short and meaningless.
"Nice weather."
"The weather is always nice," she pointed out. "We're in the Lost Cities."
I sighed. "I'm just trying to make friendly conversation, Soph."
"Don't call me that."
"Fine, Sophie." I snapped.
She huffed indignantly and stormed ahead, which told me I shouldn't have done that. "Wait, stop!"
Sophie turned around and looked at me with one eyebrow raised. Even when she was sweaty and exhausted from searching, she was still beautiful. The light in the forest gave her a radiant glow, and her eyes sparkled like an early evening sunset.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" She interrupted my train of thought.
I shook my head. "Nothing. Can we talk later?"
She shrugged like she didn't care. "Sure."
I know you're upset, I transmitted. And—
Yeah, you think? She sent back angrily. I have had a crush on you for the longest time, and then finally it happens with us, and I find out it was all a lie!
I blinked sadly, if that was even possible.
No it wasn't, just give me a chance to explain! I pleaded desperately.
"Wait." She said aloud, her voice hollow. "Look."
Sophie stared at a brown patch in the forest floor. Among the dirt and grass was a shiny piece of metal, like an earring or a bracelet or...
A necklace.
More specifically, the necklace I had given to Biana for her birthday a few years ago.
A pink necklace with a purple heart was sprawled across the floor, lifeless as I felt at that moment.
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