Chapter 16: Sophie

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"Absolutely not!"
I winced as Grady pounded his fist on the table in anger.
"But we could find out so much!" I protested, but the adults shook their heads and began arguing among themselves.
Alden waved his hands for silence. "The...unexpected return of Lady Gisela is troublesome, yes, but we have to take the safest route in this situation. We will nurse her back to health, and then turn her over to the council. Simple as that. No reason to worry."
Keefe stared at him in horror. "We can't give her to the council! Who knows what they'd do to her?"
"Since when do you care what happens to your mother?" An oily voice said from the back of the room. We all spun around and I groaned inwardly when I saw who it was.
Lord Cassius smirked smugly. (Wow that's a tongue twister) "Yes, word of what's happened has gotten out more than you expected. Thankfully the council doesn't know yet. And we can keep it that way if you let me help you."
"The last thing we want is help from you!" I snapped. Keefe gave me a look and i sighed.
"I like the girl's plan." He means me? "Hold her as hostage until the giants and ogres give us some information about their plans and the Neverseen. What do you say?"
"You'd be willing to do this to your own wife?" Biana said incredulously.
His gaze hardened on her. "She is no wife of mine."
It was silent for a few minutes, until Edaline cleared her throat and then pursed her lips. "I don't know about this. Grady, Alden?..."
Grady looked at Alden. "I don't like it, but I have to admit, he makes a good point. We need to figure out what their next move is. Alden?"
Alden looked around at the rest of us, and then back at Lord Cassius. He bowed his head and sighed. "If we must, we must."
Lord Cassius smiled chillingly. "Excellent. What condition is she in?"
I shook my head. "Not good. Last Elwin checked, her cells were deteriorating fast. We have no idea what's wrong with her."
"Actually," Elwin entered the room, gasping for breath. "She's making a rather quick recovery. You guys might want to come in and see this."
I exchanged a glance with Fitz.
This cant be good, I transmitted.  Do you think she's awake? As soon as I thought it, i knew it was a naive question. Of course she wasn't awake, she'd just been at deaths door!
But Fitz smiled reassuringly. Ill ask.
Right on cue, Fitz said, "Is she awake yet?"
Elwin shook his head. "No. But I think she will be in a few weeks at minimum."
"A few weeks?!?" I exploded. "We don't have that kind of time! Their next attack could be tomorrow!"
Alden put a hand on my shoulder. "There's no reason to worry. Everything will get sorted out soon."
I gritted my teeth in frustration. Fitz put an arm around me. Its alright. I'm just as worried as you are.
I shot him a grateful glance. "Thanks."
"We should go." Biana said as the adults started hurrying to the health center.
We followed them across hallways and corners, until finally reaching the center. Lady Gisela rested on a bed, looking deathly pale and unwell.
We turned to face the adults. "Have you figured out what may have caused this?"
"No clue." Elwin said. "I've studied her cells over and over again, and all I can figure out is that something really weird is happening."
No, really. I thought. Fitz snorted. Oops. Didn't mean to transmit that.
Its fine. Fitz said. It was kind of funny.
All of a sudden, we heard a raspy, light laughing sound. I looked around to see where it was coming from. That's when I saw it.
Lady Gisela sat up on her bed, practically good as new, laughing her illness away.
"Miss me?"
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