Chapter 2: Biana

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(A/N): This has no cuss words and it's not dirty except two sentences.
Word count: 903 words.
"I'll pick who's going first!" I shouted quickly. Sophie's face fell. I'm no telepath, but I could almost hear her mentally screaming, DON'T PICK ME!!! Keefe snickered.
"Are we scared of a game, Foster?"
"No. But..."
"How about we make a rule?" Keefe suggested, letting the 'Sophie's scared of games' thing drop. Oh no, everyone seemed to think. "If you don't want to do the truth or the have to remove one article of clothing. But you only get to do this once."
Everyone started to argue.
I waved my hands around. "Shh! We'll do the rule, okay? Tam, truth or dare?"
"Ummm...dare!" He said confidently.
"Hmmmm. I dare you meat!"
Everyone gasped. I was so proud of myself for making up such a great dare.
"But..but.." Tam stuttered.
"You have to do it!" I said triumphantly.
"Where will we get mean?" Sophie asked.
"Problem solved!" I ran to the kitchen, pulled out a package of raw meat from an animal the humans call a cow, and ran back.
Fitz looked confused. "Where'd you..."
"Don't ask. Tam, eat up!" I  sat down passed him the package. He looked at it disgustedly and then opened it, revealing a pink chunk of something.
"Ewwww!" Everyone but Sophie went.
Tam was just about to take the first bite when Sophie interrupted. "Wait! You have to cook it first."
Tam frowned. "Like, over a fire?"
"Why?" I asked.
"You'll get sick. Like, REALLY sick." She explained.
"Oh. Well...we can do that dare later." I said matter-of-factly.
Tam sighed, obviously relieved. "Great! My turn! Dex, truth or dare?"
Dex groaned. "I pick truth."
"Did you and do you still have a crush on Sophie?"
Both Dex and Sophie blushed. "Alright, fine, I did. For a while. But I like someone else now. Sophie's cool though." Keefe made kissy noises and the two of them blushed harder. Fitz stared at the floor angrily.
What is his problem? I thought. Wait. Does he...
I squealed in realization. My brother likes Sophie!! EEE! Either that or he has a crush on Dex, which is unlikely. But still! She is sooo perfect for him! I should try to...
"Biana? What's wrong?" Sophie asked me.
"Nothing!" I said excitedly. "Nothing at all!"
Keefe raised an eyebrow. "If you say so, miss princess...But Dexie still has to pick who's going next."
Dex frowned at the nickname. "Don't call me that." I giggled. "Hey! What are you laughing at?!"
"Nothing..." I said, continuing to giggle.
Fitz sighed. "Just go, Dex."
"Fine. Linh, truth or dare?"
Linh looked at him. "Truth."
"Do you have a crush on Fitz?"
Oooh. Ouch. That'd be a hard one for Linh. It's obvious she likes my brother. Although they'd be sorta cute together, I don't think he likes her back. Bummer for her, great for Sophie, right?
Everyone but Fitz leaned in, waiting for her answer. Keefe looked at me as if to say, you know she likes him, right?
I nodded.
Linh took a deep breath in, ready to reveal the answer, and...
"Ha!" She gloated, peeling her socks off.
"Awwwww." Everyone complained in unison, going back to their spots.
"Party pooper." Keefe muttered. Sophie swatted him.
"Sooooo." Linh scanned the room, eyes narrowed. I heard Sophie suck in a breath. "Biana." My eyes widened as Linh said my name. "Truth. Or. Dare."
I smirked. Did she really think she could get the best of me? "Dare."
"I dare you to..." Linh collapsed in a fit of giggles.
"What?" I said.
"I dare y--" She started to laugh again.
"Linh!" I protested against her stalling. "Tell me!"
Everyone leaned in again as she spoke her dare.
"I dare you to first kiss your crush, and then you have to go skinny dipping with him in the lake over there!" She pointed to a lake surrounded by trees.
The room filled with gasps. Linh laughed wickedly.
My heart stopped. What? Oh no. I can't do this! But I didn't want to waste my one 'life' or whatever you want to call it...the rule that Keefe made up. So I guess I'm doing the dare...
"What was that for?" I asked.
"THAT was for making me ask out Jensi and then kiss him the other time we played this game!"
Ah. That.
"Can--can everyone close their eyes please? It'll make it easier." I said, whimpering. 
"Oh, but Biana, this game isn't supposed to be easy." Keefe said.
Sophie frowned. "Guys, we're already making her do this really embarrassing thing. The least we can do is close our eyes."
"She's right. Let's all close our eyes." Fitz agreed. I smiled at the pair and momentarily forgot about what I was about to do.
Everyone except me closed their eyes. I scanned the room. Am I really doing this? I wondered. Yep, I am. Sigh.
I could tell that Tam was peeking, but I shrugged it off. I walked up to him and got so close our noses were almost touching. I heard him draw in a breath. As I leaned in, I turned my head, swerved around, and kissed Keefe Sencen right on the lips.

Hi everyone. Sorry this is so short and bad :/ I'll try to do better next time. C ya!

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