Chapter 4: Fitz

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WARNING: Minor cussing ⚠️

"Dex?" Marella's voice crackled on the imparter. "What's wrong?"
I turned to Dex. "Whoa, dude, you l--"
"Don't, Wonderboy. I know who you L too." He replied grumpily, not saying the word "like" or "love". does he know I like Sophie? Stop it, she could be listening right now! I told myself.
Marella shook her head. "Dex, guys, I'm in the middle of something so if this isn't important I have to go. B--"
"No, don't go! This is actually important!" Dex pleaded.
"Maybe we should go somewhere else so Dex can talk to Marella." Sophie smiled at Dex and Marella. Dex smiled back.
Does she like him? I wondered. I wish she liked me. How could she though? She obviously likes Dex. But what if...
"Fitz!" Linh whispered. "Everyone's already over here."
I jolted back to reality. "Coming!" I tiptoed into the other room and Linh quietly shut the door.
What if Linh likes me? I thought, looking at her. Everyone wanted to know that. But she refused to tell. Another sign that she does like you. She smiled at me and I quickly looked away.
"So now what?" Tam asked.
"Let's continue the game!" Linh said excitedly.
At that moment, Keefe and Biana entered with Della. Keefe's and Biana's clothes were soaked, and they were laughing.
Your sister, Sophie's voice surprised me.
I grinned at her. Your best friend. Both of us started laughed.
"I'm sorry, I must've opened the door to the past if Foster and Wonderboy are STILL flirting." Keefe teased. We both blushed.
"So Biana," I said, very eager to change the subject. "Are you and Keefe, um..."
"Dating?" She interrupted. "Yes."
"Eeee! Biana!" Sophie squealed, got up, and gave her an air hug. "Sorry, just you're soaked. I'm so happy for you though!"
"Oh Foster, I'm so happy for us too!" Keefe mocked. "Oooh, Biana, we can give each other hair tips!"
My sister rolled her eyes. "Let's go, Joker boy." On their way upstairs to get changed, she passed by me and hit me on the back of my head. Hard.
"Ow!" I complained. "What was that for?"
"Because you exist, and because I felt like it." Biana practically floated up the stairs, Keefe trailing after her. "Wait for me, Miss makeover! You need my hair expertise!"
I rubbed the back of my head. "So who goes next?"
"I'll pick!" Tam jumped in. "Linh, truth or dare?"
Tam smiled. "I dare you to pick one person here and they have to jump off the roof. Then, as they fall, you have to use Telekinesis to float them down."
"Oooh! Ummm..." Linh grinned evilly. "I pick Tam. Haha!"
"How did I know." He grumbled and stood up. "Let's go...."
All four of us stood up. Tam made his way to the roof and the rest of us walked outside.
I wanna see this, I transmitted to Sophie.
She smiled. Me too. This will be funny.
When we came outside, Tam was already on the roof. "Ready?" He shouted.
"Ready!" Linh shouted back.
"Falling!" Tam jumped off the roof.
He fell and fell, and for a second I didn't think Linh was going to catch him. But at he last second, he hovered safely an inch away from the ground. "I hate you, Linh!" Tam said.
Linh frowned. "But I caught you! Just for that, here..." she dropped him.
Me and Sophie laughed. She gave Linh a high-five.
"Ow!" Tam got up.
"Oh, you'll be fine. Anyway, Sophie, truth or dare?" Linh asked.
"Truth." Sophie said. I guess she finally got tired of all those dares.
"Do you like Dex?"
"Uh..." She took off her pink striped socks.
"Fitz, truth or dare?" She asked me. Darn.
"Truth." I said.
Sophie grimaced. "Do you like Linh?"
Me and Linh gasped. "Sophie!" She scolded.
"Sophie, don't make me..." I pleaded.
"Answer the question, Fitz." She said more forcefully.
Why are you being like this? I thought.
Because I have to. She transmitted, but she didn't look angry. She looked sad.
"Sophie, can I talk to you over here real quick?" I gritted my teeth. "And that wasn't a request. Let's go."
Her eyes widened and she followed me to my room. I shut the door when we were both in.
"What the hell was that?" I raised my voice a little.
"I have to know, Fitz!" She screamed, sitting down on my bed. "I just do!"
I paced the room, running my fingers through my hair.
"No, Sophie! Don't make me do this!"
"Saying if you like Linh or not isn't such a bi--"
"I'm not talking about that!" I shouted. "Just...your tone of sounded so controlling...remind me of the Neverseen." I sat down at my desk.
"Okay, I'm sorry, jeez. you?"
I rushed up to her. "I can't..."
"You can't what?" Her voice was strained.
I didn't answer her. I just kissed her.
Our lips crashed together. She didn't know what to do at first, but she kissed me back. I smiled against her lips and wrapped my arms around her waist. Her arms flew to my hair.
I could've stayed like that forever, but I broke away slowly. "I don't love Linh. I love you."
She looked at me. ""
"I love you, Sophie. I know I treated you like a little sister at first, but now I realize that you were always the one for me."
"Wh...what are you saying?"
I swallowed. "I'm saying," I paused, trying to regain my confidence. "I'm saying, Sophie Elizabeth Foster, will you go out with me?"

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