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That was two months ago, since then you became less and less of a recluse. Steve took up training you in Bucky's absence, though he moved different, and his training was not as intense. Everyday you had a purpose to train, whether just one on one with Steve or with the group. When you weren't training you were helping Tony or Rhodes scour through the Internet looking for anything that might help you locate the man with the metal arm you had become so attached to.
You hadn't released how close you had become to him, you missed him. You missed the way he would laugh when you'd trip over your wings or that lopsided smirk when he'd throw you. You missed the way he smelled after a long hard training session, or how your mood lighten the minute you stepped outside your door and saw him waiting for you.
He was the one bright thing you had, and he was stolen. There were days you lifted yourself to the heavens, flying back to the last place the group had seen him. You would fly along that road, looking, taking every route, every exit just to see if you could find him.
Today was one of those days, you land back at the compound, folding your wings back in in defeat. You walked in and a commotion caught your attention from down at the conference room. You followed the noise, stepping in you saw Steve, Tony and Rhodes staring at a screen.
"I'm telling you guys, this was his old MO." Rhodes said, his arms crossed. "It has to be him."
"Are you sure there is a planned attack on the congressman tomorrow?" Steve asked, looking over his shoulder at the man, his eyes looking at you in the doorway. "Y/n."
"What's going on?" You finally asked, walking all the way in.
"It's the Winter Soldier, he's back." Tony stated not looking up from the screen.
"Count me in." You said, staring Steve down, waiting for him to protest.
"Y/n." Steve almost whined.
"Save it Rogers. I'm going whether or not you want me to." You walked up behind Tony, looking down at the screen. It was just a clip of him, gun in hand, mask on his face. Your heart skipped, the vacant look in his eyes.
"Looks like we better suit you up then feathers, cause he's got guns." Tony chimed in pushing back from the keyboard. He signaled for you to follow, he quickly went down the hall with you in tow. "I've been working on something since you finally decided to join the rest of us. It's kinda a prototype."
"You're not going to blow me up are you?" You try and joke feeling awkward.
"Lord no, not yet." He smiled, holding open his door to the lab, you walked in look around at all the computer equipment and gadgets. He strode around you picking up a bracelet, snapping it around your wrist.
"Uh, I don't think this is going to stop bullets flying at me." You raised your eyebrows at him, Tony rolled his eyes.
"Of course not, it's a bit of Iron Man tech though." He pressed the metal bead in the center. You watched in wonderment as metal slowing kept spiraling out, slowly engulfing your hand. It continued to lap over itself encasing your torso and your other arm. Plates of metal hung down like a skirt covering your upper thighs.
"What the?" You looked down, and then back at him.
"It's light weight, and won't impede with your wings." He smiled to himself. "There's a lot Rhodey, Falcon and I can do, but unlike you there are some targets we can't get near because of the heat from our thrusters. You don't have that, you are the ultimate stealth flight."
"Thank you, I think. But this, this is all to much." You reply, his face turned serious.
"Look, y/n, if you come with us, you are going to need it. Trust me, the man we will be dealing with may look like Barnes but his mind isn't there. He will shoot first and never question why." His words sinking in, you nod. "So when it comes to it, you will need to listen to Steve or I."
"I understand Tony." You take a deep breath.
"Alright, then lets see how you fly in it." He clapped you on the back leading you back the way you both came. Steve was in the common room going over everything with Natasha.
    "Holy shit." Natasha stated as looking over at you. "You look like one those old paintings of archangels."
     "I'm not." You snap lightly.
     "You kind of do." Steve added, following you and Tony out.
    "I'm no angel." Your face set as stone, eyes glaring back at him.
    "Alright feathers, lets see what you can do." Tony stated. You took a running start before leaping up, your wings unfurled as your feet left the ground. Swiftly bring them up and forcefully beating them down. The added weigh of the armor didn't seem to interfere with your take off.
   Quickly you ascended higher into the sky, you found the uplift you had been searching for. You caught the wind just right under your wings, soon you were gliding effortlessly. Turning, soaring high above them, a good feeling washed over you. Finally you began to have hope of getting Bucky back.
    After a bit you came back down, the added weight did add the impact your feet and ankles took it. They jarred slightly painfully causing you to wince. You walked back over to the two men.
   "How did it feel?" Tony asked, walking over with a pleased look on his face. He pressed the head on you bracelet, the armor slowly retracting.
  "Take off was good, landing was a bit of bitch. But I'll get use to it." You replied, taking a breath. "So what time do we head out tomorrow?"

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