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   The next evening you limped out of your room, finally able to put some pressure on your ankle. You came out into the common room, grabbing a glass of water before you looked out the window. Bucky was outside, weights set out on the ground. You cocked your head and went out to join him.
    "So what's all this?" You asked, stepping over the weights, and random obstacles.
    "Training?" He shrugged, looking around before his eyes connected with yours.
     "Okay, but I don't even know where you're going with all this."
      "Well, I figured that if we start with lower weights while you jump off the lifts while using your wings to keep yourself up, it should strengthen them." He shrugged again, watching your reaction closely. You looked around at all the various weights and platforms, he had obviously given this a lot of thought. Probably spent most of his day coming up with this.
    "Why?" You finally looked back at him.
    "You want to fly, don't you?" He asked.
     "Yeah but why are you helping me?" You rub your arm suddenly feeling awkward.
      "What else do I have to do?" He looked down.
      "Alright, so which one of these platforms should I start on?" His head snapped up at your question. A smirk played across his face. "I'm not saying I think this will work but you put all this effort in to it, I might as well try."
Bucky directed you to a platform, one that was only a foot off the ground. You stood up there holding the weights he handed you, feeling slightly like an idiot. You did as he asked, trying using your wings to slow your decent back to the ground. Using them as some sort of parachute.
    It was a long evening, and the time the two of you called it quits you were tired and cranky. The muscles in your back were soar, your ankle was in pain and your wings felt like they were on fire. When you walked back into the main building of the compound all you wanted was food and bed.
    "Evening Feathers. I see you finally came out of your room." Tony announced closing the fridge. You felt the feathers ruffle up at the nickname, you shot the man a glare. To which he ignored and continued on with making himself a smoothie. "I see your socializing finally."
    "What is it Tony?" Your words clipped as you walked into the kitchen in search of food.
     "Nothing, just happy to see you talking to someone. A little heartbroken it's not me but I guess Barnes is okay." He leaned against the counter turning the blender on.
    "Tony, everything isn't always about you." You tried to say over the noise of the blender, he turned it off.
    "I'm sorry, what did you say?" He asked, just as you went to open your mouth he turned the blend back on drowning you out.
   "Seriously?!" You yell above the noise. He turned the blender back off, giving you a sweet innocent smile.
    "Tony." He flipped it back on, just to annoy you some more. You shot the wing closest to him out, smacking the blender knocking it towards the man. The lid opened, contends sent spurting out all over him. You cocked your head him, batting your eyelashes at him.
    "Told you your wings weren't useless." Bucky came up to you laughing at Tony who was covered in dark green smoothie.
    "You're right, they are great at making him shut up." You respond with a smirk, tucking your wing back against your side. You grabbed a towel and wiped some of the smoothie that had splattered on it off.
     "That was completely uncalled for. I'm telling Steve." He clipped, turning on his heel and walking off, leaving the mess.
      "He really did have that coming." You chuckle, walking over to the remnants on the counter. You started wiping it up, with a smile on your face. Okay, so they weren't completely useless.
    "So, same time tomorrow?" Bucky asked, grabbing the blender from the counter in front of you so you could wipe up under it.
    "As long as I get the last word in with Tony, then yes." You toss the dirty towel in the sink, looking over at him.
     "Oh, I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities for that." He shot you a grin.

You were woken hours later by a strangled scream, you laid on your bed, face down. And waited to see if you were hearing things. Then you heard it again, you rolled quickly getting out of bed. Knocking the new lamp off with bend on your wing. You winced as is crashed to floor ceramic shattering everywhere.
Everything was quiet for a beat, then you heard someone call out. You sprang from your spot out into the hall, you looked around trying to find where the sound was coming from. It didn't take long till you heard Bucky's hoarse voice call out in another language.
You knocked on his door, but there was no movement on the other side of the door. You heart was beating wildly as you waited. You knocked again and still heard nothing.
"Bucky?" You asked tentatively.
"Who the hell is Bucky?" You heard coming from behind you, you  twirled on your heel and faced him.
It was Bucky, but something was definitely different. His eyes were dark and cold, vacant. His posture was completed ridged, you could hear the whirring sounds from his arm as he clinched his fist. The voice in the back of you head wished you would of stayed in your room. Coming out into the hall had been a bad idea, Bucky's eyes traveled from your face to your body and then back up to your wings. The muscle in his lip twitched, his intense gaze landed back down on your face.
The door shattering next to head broke you from your trance, you turned you head, seeing his arm inches next to you. His fist disappeared into the door, finally got your feet working and you sprang from your spot.

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