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You stood a top a nearby building, eyes focused downward to the podium. The man standing next you, you had just met an hour ago. The team consisted of you and Clint as the eyes on the top of the building. Steve, Tony and Natasha were on the ground, wandering through crowd. You could see the congressmen's car pull up to the staging area behind the podium.
"We need eyes in the sky." Steve's voice came through the com in your ear.
"You're up kid." Clint stated, you stepped up on to the edge the wall of the building, and dropped. You unfolded your wings after a second, catching the wind just right and lifting yourself up above Clint.
   "Show off." He rolled his eyes.
    You were already decked out in your gear Tony had provided you, ready for a fight. You were more then ready to see the man who had started to break down your walls, the man who was reminding you not all people were bad.
   You looked down, watching as the congressman approached the podium, you tilted mid air gliding effortlessly. You scanned the crowd before him, watching intently as you soared high above the crowd that had gathered. As you neared the end of the large crowd a utility van caught your attention.
   "Guys, there is a white banged up van near the back of this shindig." You relayed as you turned back going back to the front doing another sweep. You watched as a man clad in all black was pushing people and taking powerful strides towards were the congressman was giving his speech. "I got a visual, I thinks it's him. He's about 20 yards out and moving steady. Do you want me to intervene?"
    "No, you get the congressman out like we planned." Steve's voice was steady, you heard a gun shot, and panic ensued below you. You tilted forward bring your wings in tight to your body.
    Quickly you descended into the controlled nose drive, the congressman becoming larger as you approached. You snapped your wings out feet from him slowing you down enough to touch your feet on the platform. Pushing him back to exit. You heard another gun shot sound off you felt it the metal of the back plate you were wearing. You continued to shove at the congressman as another shot rang out and wood splinter at your feet this time.
   You jumped forward, looking down at the hole the bullet had tore through the wood. The would be target retreated to the confines of his car when it dawned you. That bullet had come from up above the two of you, not from the crowd. You whirled around looking up at the buildings, only seeing a flash of metal retreat from a balcony.
    "There was decoy!" You shouted as you took a running leap. You aimed yourself to the balcony.
    "Y/n! Stand down!" Steve shouted in your ear as you continued your ascent.
     "Rogers I can get there faster then anyone of you!" You almost screamed back, slowly you lifted yourself up enough to peer over the balcony wall. You looked into the building and saw nothing. Slowly you dropped down and cautiously walked in, taking in the sight there were two small children to your left and what had to be their parents on your right. All of them were bound, blindfolded and gagged.
    You immediately walked over to the dad, a sound behind you stopped you midstep. Slowing turning your head you saw him, and your breath caught in your throat. He was in the same outfit as the man on the streets below had been wearing and a mask covered his lower face. Vacant confused eyes bared into you as you slowly turned to face him.
   In his arms he held a small child, that unlike the rest was not blinded folded. You could see the sheer terror in his little face. Your heart picked up pace, and you felt the sweat start to drip from your brow.
    "Bucky, put the kid down." You say calmly, watching as he back out the balcony door. "This isn't you, don't do this."
    There was no reply, just him thrusting his metal arm that held the child outward, his tiny form disappeared from view as he went over. You didn't hesitate as you sprung from your spot, passing Bucky quickly. You swan dived out, following the child. You pulled everything in tight, as you fell. It didn't take long to reach the child, the second you wrapped your arms around him you snapped down your massive wings, slowing the descent for the two of you.
    You held the child tight to your chest as your feet hit the ground, your ankles taking the impact from the extra weight. You looked up, watching as people continue to run around in a panic.
    "Go, run back inside and wait." You tell him, his face was tear streaked as he looked up at you with wide eye wonder.
     "He's on the ground, headed north." Natasha spat into the com, your turned and took to the sky once more.
    "Stay grounded feathers." Tony quipped, screw that you thought.
    It took a bit but you finally caught up to them. Natasha laid in a crumpled heap next to building. Tony and Steve were attempting to take him on, the two of them working in tandem. Each of them just trying to keep Bucky busy. Suddenly he grabbed Steve and threw him into a truck that was parked before lunging to Tony.
   You watched as Bucky leapt on him, seizing the Iron Man face plate. The metal started to dent in under the the pressure from metallic fingers.
    Once more you pulled your massive wings in tight, aiming at Bucky feet first. You dropped like a lead weight from the distance of twenty feet, turning yourself into a human javelin. When  you impacted Bucky, you drilled the full weight of your body right into him. Your momentum pulled in you down into a roll, whipping your body back around to face your threat.

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