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You duck under his arm, sprinting away a few feet. You turned watching in horror as Bucky fought to get his fist free of the door, he wrenched down tearing a hole in the metal door. Slowly he pivoted to you, his eyes casted towards you, his dark hair framed his face. Your chest heaved, you had no idea what was happening but this was the exact opposite of the man that had helped you earlier.
He began to move, taking slow powerful strides toward you, you jumped lightly in your spot before dashed into the kitchen. He followed you in, you spun around the edge on the island putting it between you and him. Your heart hammered your rib cage, threatening to tear itself from its confines.
He scowled as he looked across the counter top at you. He placed both hands on the granite top, he gripped it tight before pulling it up in one solid movement. It tore away leaving the wood broken a torn it's wake, the counter top crushing the fridge as it landed.
    "Bucky, what's going on?" You asked backing up from him, he stepped into the mess where the island had been.
     "I said who the hell is bucky?" He repeated as he continued his slow stalk to you. You did the only thing you could think of, you flung your wing around your body, hitting him. He stumbled to the side, and then snapped his back at you. His glare turned dark then before, great evidently he wasn't made to begin with, but now he was.
You moved, and you ran, hitting the door that lead outside hard. It wasn't till you felt the metal finger of his hand brush shoulder that realized how fast he could move. You thruster your wings back as hard as could, feeling the briefest moment of resistance. You heard him hit the ground behind you, as you rushed forward jumping on one of the platforms. You hurtled yourself up, forcing you wings to flap, just trying to make it to the closet tree.
You felt his hand grasp around your injured ankle, he ripped you downward. Pulling you from the air. He was on you back, covering you wings with the heaviness of his body. Suddenly you felt pressure on the back of your neck. Panic slowly started to set in as you tried to push up from the ground, trying desperately to get out from under him.
"Hey, snow globe." You heard from some where behind you as stars began to dance in front of your vision as the pain started to become unbearable. You could feel bucky turn slightly on your back. "Leave feathers alone."
Bucky didn't move, he continued to put pressure down on your neck. There was no use, he had you trapped beneath him.
"Alright, let's do this the hard way." Suddenly you heard one of Iron Man's blaster go off, and the brief warmness on your back, followed by the weight of Bucky being removed. You heard a tree snap a head of you somewhere, you attempted to move your neck but couldn't cause it hurt to much.
Tony's feet appeared before your sight. His dress shoes perfectly shined in the mood light, your heard a groan come from the direction of the the tree line.
"Nope, stay down." Tony stated, you heard the blaster go off again. Tony knelt, grabbing your arm lightly. "Okay I'm going to roll you on your side."
You tried to help the best you could but every muscle hurt from Bucky whipping you down so hard. Tears clouded you vision as you felt tony pull you up. Pain radiated through every muscle in your body, you couldn't move you head. That was the worst, it felt stiff.
Tony got you back to living room walking you over to couch. You reached for the arm to brace yourself as he let you go, slowly you turned lowering yourself to your back. Your wings outstretched. One up over the back of the couch, partially sticking straight up, the other laid across the coffee table. Not the most comfortable, but it would have to do.
"So I see you met Buckaroo's altar evil ego." He stated, coming back with a bottle of aspirin and water.
"What happened to him?" You asked not bothering to move.
"Well, he has issues." Tony gently moved your leg back and sat down on the couch. He looked back out the door. Bucky was starting to stir from inside the broken tree.
"Who doesn't? Most people don't go on a murderous rampage though." You retort snagging the aspirin and water from him finally. Taking two on downing them.
"He's a bit special." Tony replied looking back at you, your arm was over your tear streaked face.

Bucky slowly pulled himself free of the splintered bark, he looked forward and saw the pool of feathers on the ground. A lump started to form in the back of his throat, his breathing became rapid as finally pulled himself to his feet.
Dear god, he hoped he hadn't done what he feared. He crossed the grass quickly, coming to the door way he looked in. He saw both your wings, one straight up the other casually laying across the table. Tony sitting next to you, his iron clad glove up, pointed at him. Bucky knew he was ready to defend you against him if Tony needed to. It made Bucky's heat sink, he knew that something bad had happened.
He continued to look around, the counter top was missing from this angle, the contents that were under it all over the place. He must have been gone for awhile before Tony showed up. Slowly Bucky took a step inside, his eyes adjusted to the darkness inside the building.
Bucky could see the hand print on your injured ankle, he could also see the tears you were trying to hide.
"Tony..." It was all he managed to say before Tony interrupted.
"Bucky, you've done enough tonight. I think it would be best if you went to your room." Tony stated harshly, his arm still up pointed at him. Bucky nodded, swallowing hard before hanging his head and leaving the two of you.

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