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It was weeks later, the two of you had just finished training, both covered in dirt and sweat. When he dropped a biggest bomb, he was going on a routine mission with the rest of the team. It worried you, he had told you all the details of it. Fairly standard, he explained, going into a facility that was very much the ones that had turned him into the person he had been.
The teams goal was to go in and take down their intelligence, try to round up as much of the people they could and turn them over to the Feds. They should only be gone a couple days, he reassured you it nothing to stress over. But didn't quell you, there was a lingering since of dread as you watched the quin-jet leave from your window.
The night when you a heard a commotion coming from the common room, you peaked your head out. Hurried voices, a sense of panic.
"God dammit, someone get the med kit!" A woman yelled
"Tony I promise my sources didn't tell me they were heavily armed." A male voice stressed.
"Well, sources were wrong. They knew we were coming." Someone yelled back.
"Let's get past the bickering and the arguing we need to figure out how to get Bucky back." An angry voice raised above the rest. You felt the blood rush from your face. Your hands started to tremble as you held tightly to the door knob.
"No." You whispered, you crept out into the hall, you snuck around the corner before darting out of the building.
They took him, they had him and from everything tony had said, people like Hydra that he had discussed with you this was bad. No body knew where these people had taken your dear friend.
You walked briskly outside, unfurling your wings, you sped up and sprang up. Your wings spread out catching the wind, you thrusted them down, taking you higher.
Before you realized it you were hundreds up feet up, you knew where the mission had taken place. Bucky had given you all the details you needed, in an attempt to calm you down. So that's where you were headed, with each powerful stroke of your powerful wings you got closer.
Soon your were there, you could see the burned out wreckage of the building beneath you.
You held your wings out steady, catching the up draft from the heat that was bellowing up from the buildings below. You weren't sure what you were hoping to see, just something to go on. Something they might of missed. You tucked your wings in tight, leaning forward. You went into a drive, bringing yourself closer to the ground at quick rate.
Feet from the ground you sharply splayed them back out, using them to slow you. Your feet touched the scorched grass, there were bodies littering the ground. Shell casings cast all about, the smell of copper and gunpowder filled your nasal passages. Slowly you walked through the battle field, chunks of cement upended against a tree broken in two. No doubt from Bruce, you saw deep scored marks in it. Slowly you placed your hand up on it. They were human finger marks, but not from flesh and bone.
No they were made from metal, one person on the team could of made those marks.
"Bucky, where are you?" You whisper, looking around again. You saw heavy foot prints in the grass coming from the cement, you followed them. As you turned around the edge of the cement you could see that the grass was trampled, and flattened, then drag marks leading away with footprints on either side.
You picked up your pace as your heart quicken. You knew some how they had rendered him unconscious. You continued to follow the marks in the grass till they hit the dirt road and vanished. They went down the dirt road away from burning building, rushing along side you took a leap into the sky.
You followed the winding dirt path till it hit a main road, luckily the ground had been damp and you could still make out the tire marks as they headed north before they vanished.
"I'll find you Bucky. I promise." You say, your wings started to burn, indicating to you that they were tiring. Slowly pulled yourself away and headed back to the compound.

You dropped down from the sky with ten feet to go, tucking and rolling on impact. Your chest heaved as you pushed yourself to your feet, sweat dripping from your brow as you walked into the compound. The common room was void of anyone, they were probably having a conference, so you headed to the room where they always held those.
You shoved the heavy metal door open, everyone in the room turned to face you. Tony, Natasha, Bruce, Steve, Wanda, vision, and Sam, this was a first for you. You had only met a two of the people in this room but that didn't matter at the moment.
"Uh, Tony?" Sam stated, slowly taking his eyes off of you as you walked up to the map, trying find the place where the mission took place on it.
"Feathers?" Tony asked confused by your sudden appearance.
"Tony, who is she?" Wanda asked, looking at him. He held up his hand to her, watching you as you frantically looked for the building.
"Where is it?" Why isn't it on here?" Your words filling with panic. Steve stood next to you, brows knotted up.
"What are you looking for y/n?" His words soft, almost a whisper bringing you back to the moment. Slowly you turned you head, staring at the star on his chest till you raised your eyes.
"You know my name?" You asked, looking over your shoulder at Tony.
"Bucky told me about you, what you looking for?" He asked again.
"The mission, where was it on here?" You ask him pointing at the map in general. He walked over to the far side and place his finger on a spot covered in trees. "Keep your finger there!"
You dashed over ripping the pen from Natasha's hand, and sprinted back. You place a giant x where his finger was, and drew a winding line away from it.
"There is a dirt road coming away from it." You explain as you continue to mark up the map, finally getting a decent distance, looking at the map again before drawing a straight line intersecting it. "It lead to an actual road, and they went north. But I don't know after that."
"How?" Tony asked, cutting himself off as he came up to look at your marks. "You're sure."
"Yes, I'm sure. The distance might be a bit off but yes. It's the only road leading to the dirt road." You express, panic starting to well up again.
"You flew." Steve breathed, you turned your head slowly looking at him.

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