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     You stood slowly, your eyes focused on Bucky as he popped back to up his feet. Cold hollow eyes were trained you, your chest was heaving as your adrenaline was pumping through you at lighting speed. He had trained you for moments like this, coming face to face with him when he was the Winter Soldier.
    Bucky began to stalk toward you, his fists clenched up. You stood your ground, knowing full and well that this time was different. This time it was not him training you, he would come after you till either you stopped him or he killed you. You dodged each punch he threw at you, side stepping kicks. His frustration was written on his face the longer you kept him from landing a single blow on you.
He continued his assault on you, sweat began to pour down your brow. You leapt to the air as you could feel him trying to work you into a corner. Just as you chested over his head he snagged you by your ankle, whipping you to the side.
You rolled quickly across the ground, reaching to a kneeling position, sliding across the ground. You snapped out your wings to slow yourself before you hit the wall behind you, using them as a parachute. It was in that moment you realized that there would be no him snapping back out of this. He would keep this up until he was rendered unconscious.
You sprang forward, rushing to him. You had to fight back, you threw your own punch. The two of entered into the dangerous dance, both of you trying to avoid the others strikes while attempting to land your own blows.
"Bucky! It's me!" You shouted, as you leapt to the side away from him. He didn't respond, not vocally at least, he careened toward you.
"Guys, we got a problem. Swats showing up." Clint's voice boomed into your ear. You ducked under Bucky's arm as he tried to land another hit. You glanced over, Steve was pulling himself out of the truck, glass tumbling from him.
"Steve, I need you to keep swat distracted." You yelled, deciding to run away from everyone, knowing Bucky would come after you. "Tony get Natasha."
"Y/n, we aren't going to.." Steve started in, you cut him off, as you rounded the corner of a building.
"Look, Bucky has been training me for this moment. Let me do my job!" You yelled just as Bucky rounded the corner, you punched out with your wing. You caught him off guard hitting him in the face, he staggered to side. You followed up will a well placed kick to the head, he staggered further. You continued the assault on him, managing to land a couple of hit before his head snapped around. Stopping you in your tracts, feet from him.
He was pissed, at some point during your attack on him his mask had fallen, blood dabbed the corner of his mouth. He was seething as he glared at you, he made a step forward and you leapt back. He stepped to the right, you went to the left. He took a massive step forward, you jumped even further back. Something had changed, the rules had changed, Bucky told you the Winter Soldier never stopped attacking. Once he was focused nothing would stop him, but he wasn't attacking this time.
Your feathers bristled up and you felt resistance behind you. You turned your head slowly keeping him in the corner of your eye, you glanced back at the cement wall. Slowly you turned your head back to him, you were breathing heavy. He had you cornered and he knew it. He was studying your movements, watching, calculating. He sprang forward, you took to the air, your only option.
You were just about over him when you felt something snag the tip of you right wing. Suddenly you were ripped to the ground, your body crashed into the street. He was on you before you had a chance to register what was happening. His knee pushing your chest to the ground, your wing still in his right hand. Cold vacant eyes locked into yours.
"Bucky, no!" You yelled at him.
He raised his metal fist, and you brought your arms up instinctively, covering your face. You felt him pivot, suddenly pain burst through your extra appendage. You screamed, as the most intense pain rocketed through you coming from the bend in your wing. You looked over just as he brought his fist down again in the same spot, blood soaked through your feathers staining them. You howled in pain again, nothing could of prepared you for this.
You reached up, racking you fingernails across his eyes. He whipped his arm up knocking your hands away, his hand seized your throat. A snarl formed on his face as he began to choke you. You attempted to struggle out from beneath him, bring your hands up trying to push him away. You vision started to fade, you heard Tony's blaster go off and suddenly Bucky was thrown from your body.
You inhaled deeply, and coughed as the air came in ragged. Slowly you rolled to your right, looking in horror at the damage done to you. Feathers surround it, blood flowing out. It hurt like hell, you pushed yourself to you feet. You couldn't move it, you couldn't tuck it in. The wing hung there lopsided, you reached around, pulling it up lightly to a position that didn't cause you as much pain.
You looked over at Bucky's prone form, out cold.

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