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It had been a week since the attack. A week of walking out of your room each night hoping to see your friend. A week of long lonely nights, you were pretty much grounded since you wing was bandaged and taped tight. Yes, Bucky had managed to really mess it up but all hope was not lost, it was fixable. For the first time you missed being able to move it.
You opened your door and looked down the hall, Bucky's door was closed as it had been every night. Tonight you had had enough of it though, you stormed up to the door and knocked on it. You received no response. You knocked again.
"Bucky, I'm not leaving this door till you open it." You stated your voice slightly raised. Nothing. You took a deep breath and turned the knob, the door was unlocked to surprise.
You stepped into the darkened room.
"You shouldn't be in here." His voice was cold, as you stood unmoving. Heart pounding, hands shaking.
"Well, I am. Whether you like it or not." Your tone was stern, your eyes trying to adjust. You could make out a vague silhouette in the corner, facing you.
"Y/n." He growled, you could almost feel the anger rolling off of him.
"Don't you even take that tone to me." You seethed behind your teeth. Not after what happened.
"No." You crossed your arms in front of your chest, in three quick steps Bucky was to you. Pushing you up against the door behind you, you took a deep breath.
"And if I hurt you?" He tone soften.
"You did and I'm still here." You whisper, looking up, you locked into his eyes in the little bit from moonlight coming through the window.
"Why did you go?" He whispered painfully leaning his forehead against yours. You felt the warmth on your cheek as he slid his hand up cupping your cheek.
"Cause, your you, and I'm remembering to be me when I'm around you. I can't loose that." You whisper back, trying to hold emotions from the past couples of years back. "I gave up on being me, I gave up on people, I gave up on living. But when I'm with you, I remember all the good things that happened to me."
"But I could of killed you." He pulled away, you grabbed his hand at the last second. He gave away from you, slowly you walked forward wrapping your arms around him.
"You didn't. That's all that matters." You tell him, holding him tightly. You grounded him in the moment, his body slowly relaxed against yours. You stayed there a good long moment, just you holding him, you making the contact.
"Y/n, why didn't you want to be around the others?" He asked quietly.
"Because, I didn't think they would understand me." You whispered, leaning your friend in between his shoulder blades.
"But you trusted me?" He questioned, unlocking you hands, turning to face you.
"I still do, I trust you completely." You reply softly, he placed a finger under your chin forcing your eyes to meet his.
"Why?" He asked.
"We're the same in a way. We weren't born the way we are. It was forced on us, both us have parts that we don't think others will accept. We both seem to have people problems, maybe some trust issues." You tell him quietly in a shaking voice, closing your eyes, holding back the unshed tears. "And then you ripped away from me. I went looking for you, when they came back without you."
"I flew, I didn't think, I just did." Slowly you opened your eyes. "After everything that's happened, I couldn't just go on with out the only person who didn't see me for the wings on my back."
"You're more then just a set of wings." He pulled you in tight. You wrapped your arms tight around him, tears seeping down your face. "I don't know what to do to fix this."
"I don't think there is anything to fix." You lean back, bringing your hands to his face.
"What about the winter soldier?" He asked closing his eyes.
"We'll deal with him when we have to." You whisper, Bucky leaned forward capturing your lips with his.

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