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"He was just trying to be nice." You chided yourself as you laid in bed on your tummy, looking at the broom tucked into the corner of your room. Yeah but he looked at them, the look on his face seared into your head, his eyes wide looking behind you.
Man this sucked, the man was simply gorgeous, and he had been talking to you. Something that rarely happened before, and here you were a freak, not of nature but because of man. So handsome.
Then to top it off you let your anger gain control of you and you hit him. Not just hit him, but sent him to the ground, via your arch nemesis, those catastrophes attached to your back. You sighed, slowly covering yourself with your wings, your head and toes the only things visible.
A soft knock on you door brought you out of yourself loathing. You wiped a tear that had sneaked out. You glanced back at the door with out moving, rolling your eyes.
"Y/n?" Bucky's voice called out on the other side.
"Go away." You yelled back, closing your eyes.

"Go away." Bucky heard you, he could also hear the pain in your voice clear as day. He thought about testing the knob to see if you locked the door. He decided against it, turning away he cast one last glance before going to the common room.
He sat down and flipped on the tv, he didn't mean to upset you like he had. He wasn't even sure what he had did wrong. He huffed to himself, maybe he pried to much. He didn't want you shut him out, he wanted to storm in there and demand you talk to him.
He absentmindedly rubbed his chest where you had struck him, he hadn't been hit that hard in a while. Your wings certainly pack one hell of a punch that was for sure. His phone ringing snapped him from his thoughts.
"Hey buckaroo. How are things going?" Tony's annoying voice chirped through the speaker.
"Tony why are you calling me?" Bucky asked, not hiding his annoyance.
"Just wondering if anything interesting is going on, making sure you haven't destroyed any appliances."
"Bye Tony." Bucky rolled his eyes hanging up the phone. He was never in the mood to talk to Tony, and tonight he really wasn't in the mood.  He leaned his head back on the couch staring up at the ceiling.

You woke late the next evening, you stretched your wings first, feeling the tips brush the walls just like every other time. Then you stretched the rest of you, you had decided to apologize to Bucky for yesterday. You came out of your room, and wandered out to the common room. Finding it empty you choose to go explore and see if you could find him. It didn't take long, he was in the gym. Fighting a rubber dummy, he was throwing kicks and punches, completely shirtless.
Your eyes landed on his metal arm, shining in the light as he moved. Your gaze traveled up to his shoulder, seeing the angry red welts where flesh met metal. You watched him from the sidelines, fixed in your spot as he continued his assault. Maybe the two of you weren't so different, he spun fast, bringing his heel sharply into the dummy. He sent it flying across the room.
     "You just going to stand there?" He asked, not facing you as he walked over and pick a towel up from the ground.
     "Sorry." You replied meekly, feeling like you had had been caught staring, which you had.
     "Get a good look?" He question sharply, raising his metal arm by the shoulder. You cast your eyes down away from him. The tone in his voice told you it was subject he really didn't want to discuss.
    "I didn't mean to stare." You tell him. "Actually I came down here to apologize for yesterday."
    Bucky pulled a long sleeve shirt on before turning to you. He looked at you, his eyes tearing into, you could feel his irritation at you.
     "About which part?" He clipped, pulling gloves on, effectively cover every inch of metal.
     "For all of it." You sighed as you walked over to him. "I was a giant jerk to you, for no reason at all. And you were just being nice."
    "It's all good." He sighed, his face softening. You smiled and could your wings perk up a bit.
    "Can we start over?" You asked.
    "Of course." He replied.
     "Good." That was all you wanted, you turned and left the man dumbfounded. You walked outside like you had yesterday, knowing Bucky was behind you.
    "Can I ask questions?" You heard from behind you, a smirk slowly crept a cross your face.
    "You can but I don't promise any answers." You stopped when felt you were far enough from the building. Slowly you unfurled your wings again, stretching them out, tonight the wind was stronger then it was the night before.
    "Where did you come from?" He asked, you cupped your wings a bit, just enough to catch the wind just right. You felt them lift up involuntary, as it caught the wind just right. You heart leapt to your throat as you felt your body pull slightly from the ground.
    "I was born in Boston. Move to New York when I 21." You reply, tweaking the angle of your wings, feeling lift become stronger.
    "Were you born with them?" He asked, walking around you so he see your face. You kept your eyes trained to the ground.
     "No." You brought them up and one swift motion slammed them again toward the ground, instantly lifting your body from the ground.
    "Have you ever flown?" He marveled up at you, as you continued the motions of rising and dropping your wings. Your body slowly lifted higher off the ground. With each downward thrust you pulled farther a way from the ground.
    "This is as close to flying as I have ever gotten." You reply, you could feel the smile on your face as your feet raised above the man's head.
    "So this is the first for you?" He smiled, looking up as you got higher.

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