Chapter Two: Ghosts from the Past

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Four Years in the Future

Clarys' s P.O.V

"Moooooommmmmmyyyy"  Wren wailed as she jumped and skipped and ran all along the airport lobby, her red braids flouncing all around. "Wren, Honey why don't you come and sit with Mommy for a little while?" I called at her, and reluctantly she came over and joined me, sitting on my lap.

"Shhhh sweetie, Mommy needs some quiet time." I whisper to her as I gently rock her back and forth, lulling her to sleep. Getting on a plane and sitting still can be hard for a 4 year old, and especially on a flight at 3 o'clock in the morning. Eventually she falls asleep and I can focus on the task at hand, facing the Institute.

Jace's P.O.V

I walk down into the kitchen, to see Isabelle fixing breakfast, and groan. She just rolls her eyes at me, and continues making what looks to be scrambled eggs.

"You look terrible!" Isabelle exclaimed, "What happened?

"Well the search for my dignity has gotten no where. I woke up this morning with a raging hangover and a random blonde chick in my bed." I said sarcastically.

"Angel Jace! Do you really have to do that to yourself every weekend! Why can't you do something healthy! At least something that doesn't result in us having five messages from five different girls named Candy, or Misty or whatever!" Isabelle said to Jace, getting more annoyed as she continues. "The reason that you do this to yourself is one that I will never understand."

"Thanks mom." I muttered as I walked past her back into the hall, feeling slightly bad because I know she's right.

I just have never have been able to completely get over Clary. I have dated other girls, but the relationship only seems to last only a couple months at best. No one has ever made me need them like Clary did, and I blame myself every day for the fact that she had left. I should have said something, anything, before she left so she could have stayed with me.

But the truth is that I was scared about my life ahead. I had a future planned with Clary, now I have zip, nothing. I'm just going through the motions all day and getting wasted to get through the pain all night. Girlfriends come and go, and I am currently dating a brunette named Britney, and if I'm being honest with myself there are no sparks whosoever.  My life sucks, and after Clary left, even my skills went down hill.

Regardless, Shadowhunting is literally the one thing that leaves me a little bit of joy. "ALEC!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. "Angel, WHAT." He yelled, he must have spent the night with Magnus (his warlock boyfriend) because he sounded groggy and slightly rumpled. "I'm going hunting, so when you aren't making out with your boyfriend, you can come and find me."

"Where can I find you?" he yelled back, slightly more awake.

"Near the airport" and with that, I left.

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