When Clary discovers that she is pregnant and is forced to leave the love of her life, she tries to prepare herself for the challenges ahead. Her mother, furious because of the pregnancy, takes her away from the Shadowhunter world and New York. But after four years of being away, an unexpected trip back could give Clary chance to get her life, and love back. 

BTW this story is based off of the book series NOT the TV show, while you can read this without having read the books, there are some differences so just keep that in mind.

(All of these amazing characters belong to Cassandra Clare)

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- - Nov 04, 2017
Classic, Classic, Jace I really like your story try reading mine What if // Clace fan fiction
- - Nov 04, 2017
Her mums a hypocrite she's literally making clary do to jace what she did the valantine !
Taeisthecutest Taeisthecutest May 18, 2017
Right now Jace is thinking dirty and once he knows what's going on he's just going to be like wtf.
iconicmate iconicmate Dec 21, 2016
I feel bad for both of them because i know whats going to happen
uncouniousdreams uncouniousdreams Jun 16, 2014
Please continue your story is amazing and the suspense is killing me
savagemazia101 savagemazia101 Aug 28, 2018
Never tell ya parents DAT even if it ya mom or dad they will have ur head