7| Try Hard.

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7|  Try Hard.

For Luke, the kiss was underwhelming-ly overwhelming. He expected it to be fireworks and explosions and shooting stars, and it was, it was that and beyond. Yet it only lasted about 5 seconds.

Luke also thought that they were moving quite quickly for whatever they had, and he wasn't sure how Annie felt but he didn't want to rush her. He was ready to pull her face back to his and make out for the next few hours, but something in his head was telling him to wait.

It might of been his subconscious reminding him that patience will reward him in the hopefully near future, but he could never tell. But, if he treated Annie like he did the countless other girls before the accident, their is no doubting she would of left his house already with mascara staining her cheeks.

He had so many reasons to stop after the first kiss, but he wanted the second and the third and the forth kiss now. He wanted it all now but their was no way in hell either of them were ready for that.

What made Annie different then the other girls Luke had been with is that he wanted a relationship with her. A real, holding-hands-even-when-it's-hot kind of relationship, that's what he wanted.

With his ex girlfriend, Kelly, he only partly wanted that. He wanted to chill at her house and have endless make out sessions or to have someone who would easily have sex with him without all the chatting up.

Luke wasn't sure if it was because he lost his eyesight, or because he had genuine feeling for the unknown girl who had just left his house, but he defiantly wanted more.

After the temporary kiss, they sat back, Annie stared at Luke with wide eyes as he apologised repeatedly for getting ahead of himself.

Annie told him it was fine, that she liked it, before shuffling off him and back into the bed. They finished their pizzas before Annie stated that it was probably time for her to go. Reluctantly, Luke agreed, showing her out with his hand constantly on a wall.

Before she left however, when she was standing at his door and he was leaning against the door frame, Luke asked a bold question.

"Would you mind helping me again on Wednesday after school? You were a lot better and less offensive then Ash... if you don't mind of course, if you're busy don't worry that's perfectly fine." Luke scratched his neck, going to fix his sunglasses yet he soon realised he left them in his room. Squeezing his eyes shut, he pursed his lips together and frowned.

He hated not wearing his glasses, they were like an extra layer of protection. They made him less weird, surprisingly. His eyes used to be his best feature in his opinion, girls would always swoon over the blue gems hidden in his skull but now he was clueless as to whether or not they were the same.

The way Annie described them though, they sounded like how they used to, his normal, glistening eyes. Luke thanked his mother for his eyes, literally, when he was five, and he still does to this day. He did at least.

"That's fine, do you want me to be your tutor basically?" Annie giggled, biting her bottom lip as she leant back on her heels.

"Uh- Yeah, yeah basically. So um- is it dark out, do you need me to walk you home? Or is it cold? Do you want to borrow a jacket?" Luke muttered, feeling the different materials on the coat hanger and pulling off his favourite jacket. It was oversized, as usual, and he got it from his grandad for his birthday three years ago.

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