2| The Girl With The Pretty Voice.

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2|The Girl With The Pretty Voice.

Luke didn't hate Ashton when he bullied him, he just liked to tease him and feel stronger than him. He liked to be in power and in control, now he was just weak and useless.

That didn't stop him from now hating Ashton as he thought it would be a good idea to tell Luke's parents about the girl they met. It's not that Luke didn't like her, but not everyone needed to know, he hardly knew her yet.

"We had two conversations, she's not my girlfriend." Luke protested, allowing his mum to help him eat his breakfast. Today, like every other day, was scrambled egg on toast. Luke didn't like eggs but his parents were disappointed enough, he couldn't make it worse.

"Awe I think it's nice you're seeing someone, it's about time. Ashton's getting sick of you." Liz, Luke's mum, joked, but with things like that Luke never knew if she was serious or not. He couldn't read the expression of sarcasm on her face anymore, so now he had to guess.

"I'm not seeing anybody actually." Luke shrugged, laughing as his mum slapped his shoulder, he assumed in a playful manner. But then again she could be annoyed, he never knew if she was upset by the jokes he made, but then again she never told him to stop. "Is it time to go to school yet?"

"Yeah, c'mon, maybe we'll see Annie on the way and we can give her a lift too." Ashton helped Luke stand up, passing his stick and grabbing his bag from the kitchen stool.

Luke rolled his eyes and followed Ashton's steps as they made it into his car, the radio and heating already on. It was raining again today, even heavier then yesterday, Luke had secretly hoped school would be called off.

Yet here they were, sat in physics and listing to Mr White blabber on about random ass equations that had no relevancy to our lives unless we wanted our futures to be in physics. But, due to some rules or law or something, we have to know this bullshit.

Anyway, Luke didn't focus much as for some reason, the girl with the pretty voice was stuck in his mind. He didn't even know her hair colour, or her eye colour, or even her skin colour. Something's telling him she has brown hair, but he won't find out unless he asks, and he's not going to be doing that anytime soon.

"What did you want for lunch today?" Ashton asked, Like he did everyday. Luke normally just got what he remembered to be easiest, so Ashton didn't have to go too out the way. It was normally just a sandwich.

"Do you even have to ask?" Luke chuckled, fiddling with the strap on his walking stick as they made a quick stop at Ashton's locker.

"Hold that thought... Annie's wearing your jacket. She looks cute." Ashton mumbled, leaning against his locker as Annie pulled out her headphones, chewing her gum and shoving her hands in the jacket pockets.

"Is it baggy on her like it is on me? Actually- wait- wait- wait... what colour is her hair?" Luke couldn't help himself, he had to know just in case he was picturing someone completely different.

"What? Uh, Brown. Dark brown. And yeah super baggy, in a cute way. She's walking over." Ashton nudged Luke's side, laughing as he saw Luke's smirk turn into a frown.

"Hey, Luke, I forgot to give your jacket back yesterday. Here you go." Annie smiled to Ashton, waving a little as she shrugged off the oversized jacket.

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