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Shivaay - All my mistakes are slowly Drowning Me.

"Annika" Shivaay distraught voice was heard as he pointed the torch of his mobile on her  frightened disheveled form.

"What happen Annika? Are you alright?" he crouched towards her in his knees, shaking her urgently, urging her to look up to him.

In her hysteria she just shook her head in horror, muttering something incoherent in between making him concern.

"Annika, see it's me. your Shivaay, Please look up" he pleaded, calming himself down, a hint of worry laced with his soft husky voice as it is no use of hyperventilating because he knew he is the only one to compose her.

Lifting her face slowly from her knees she looked up with her horror struck and fearful eyes, seeing the soft turquoise eyes something rattled in her heart and as if in cue she flung in his arms and hugged him as tightly as she could because she knew he was her only saviour and her life depends on him.

Holding her tightly in his arms she cried like anything, cried until she felt tired.

He never stopped her.

He just stroke her back in soothing circles calming her down; whispering sweet nothings in her ears as she continue to tremble in his arms.

"Shiv.."she started, trying to make a sentence with her trembling voice but she wasn't even able to complete his name as she sobbed uncontrollably. The hysterical attack was pretty bad for her today, he knew.

"Annika nothing will happen, sweetheart. See I'm here with you" he said one last more time not before letting her feet a mere inches above the ground as he moved towards the couch.

Reaching there he tried to make her comfortable on the couch, pulling away but it felt she didn't want to part with him just soo soon, Perhaps he just sat there with her on his lap.Her head was buried in his chest in order to find some alleviation there while his hands moved in it's own accord at the length of her spine, in an attemp to calm her down.

"Annika calm down, it's just a short circuit, it will come back soon" he tried to encourage her but she didn't listened anything and cuddled to him even more. His scent was calming her senses and she was glad for it.

He knew how much Afraid she is of darkness, one of the toughest thing which she isn't able to overcome until now and he wanted her to face it with all her might. She is a fighter - - he knew this and their's no doubt in it because the way she took all the hatred of him; it was not easy.

Well he isn't saying this just as a fuss of air but if he would have been in her place; seeping all those pain and loneliness, it would have been really painfully demanding for him to take that behaviour. The one you love the most hurting you is one of the worst feeling.

And He felt ashamed for doing this to her, he had given her truckloads of profound Agony that even if being the best in mathematics and for once - with a peaceful mind mind - he sit down and try to count them he will lost the count.

Tears started to fill his innocent eyes, as he sat there having her in his arms. It felt so soothing that all his emotions at once strike his soul, breaking him apart ruthlessly. It just drowned him in a pool of guilt.

he don't know why?

Maybe he is just too tired to keep hiding his emotions?

But even before all this happened he had already started to make amends to his mistakes - - like trying to be as normal as he can with her, happy. contended just as a normal man will be with his lady love, as she was beside him, mending him when he was broken.

Yes, she didn't show the efforts but he wasn't a fool the he couldn't get the hidden meaning of her actions. How much he try he cannot hide himself from her naked eyes, she always had the cpacity to see beyond his thick wall, crashing it with all her love and comfort.

She had calmed down, the shaking of her form had slowed down as her even breath fell over him but the grip was still tight like it was few minutes ago.

He was too lost in his grief then to acknowledge the fact that tears had already started to decend down his fair cheeks, down to his neck and finally soaking into his greyish shirt. Hearing a sniff, she was startled, was he crying? but why? she wondered in curiously and been alarmed, snapped her head from his wet shirt, which was the result of her overflow of tears, and tried to look at his face, it was still dark but the illumination by his mobile kept at the table was helping a little bit, his starling blue eyes were glistening in the dim light and something crystalline was seen in them.

She knew something is wrong with him.

He was back to earth from his reverie when she inched her face closer to him. He really couldn't see her face as the light completely fall over his face and she; been with her back facing the table, was hidden but her hot breath Falling upon his quivering lips made him realize this and for the first time he was glad that it was dark just because she couldn't see him. His tears. Hs grief struck face properly. Just a wild guess though. Even in the pitch darkness he could feel her hard gaze and unable to held it, he just turned his face alittle to the right making her even more obvious to her thoughts.

Lifting her one hand she extended it towards his face feeling his facial features when the small droplets of water touched her long, thin fingers, making her tense, long was gone her fear and what left was obduracy, holding his face in a soft grip she made him turn to her,"Shivaay, What happened?"

"Nothing" was all he could muster up at that very moment, trying hard to make his voice steady.

"You just leave all this and be calm" he tried to change the topic making her frown, "the light will come soon"

"I'm now alright" her voice was somewhat scolding, "but about about you?"

"What will happen to me? I'm fine" he countered back defending himself when he shut his eyes closed as the light came, opening up his lies as clear as crystal.

The frown on her head deepened as she glared at him rubbing off his tears with her thumb.

"Yeah I can see what were you doing, laughing right?" sarcasm was visible in each of her words.


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