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Annika - I'm trying to make it better piece by piece.

Trying hard to control himself for not embracing her and fearing to break down in her arms he adverted his gaze away from her. Sniffing he let go of his hold over her, rubbing off his tears in the most casual way that Annika was forced to give out a groan.

"Shivaay" she called out softly, the frustration turning into pure concern; holding his face she made him look at her "it's okay" she nodded softly looking straight into his watery red eyes.

He stared at her eyes for a long time, trying to capture that love which shone in her eyes for him which he never thought he was worthy of. Blinking her eyes she smiled softly while he didn't said much but took her in a tight embrace. The hold getting tighter by her waist after each second as her hand instantly went to his back.

He sobbed. Don't know how much but he was feeling better.

It did hurt her to see him like this but on the other hand She was relieved.

She didn't utter a single word but let him do whatever he was doing because she knew this was the only way he will let go off his pain which was stored in his heart. one day or the other he was going to break down.

"I'm sorry" it was almost inaudible and even for once she thought she was over hearing but his lips moving over her skin as he spoke was saying something else. She know why he was apologising, smiling at her adorable husband she shook her head in disbelief.

"I've forgiven you Shivaay" she whispered as she swayed her hand into his hair, making him pull her closer to him even more.

After a few minutes she came out of the tight embrace as she realised him calming down a bit and held his cheeks with her soft palm as he stared at her with tear strained face. "Shivaay stop crying" she muttered inside her breath  as she wiped off his tears with her thumb.

He on cue just shook his head making her frown. She know he was not in a state to listen to anyone but she just can't let him do for so long, "I was scared because of
Darkness so I cried" she started thoughtfully "but what about you?"

"Does the way I was crying make you scared or what?" twisting her mouth in a weird manner she continued, "was I looking so spooky that you ended up being like this?" She ended it with a horrified expression making him stare at her in bewilderment,.

She know it was working so she just carry on with the act.

"Oh God!" She exclaimed in horror, her eyes widening in shock, "I need to take some beauty tips from Badi Maa on how to keep yourself pretty while crying and not look spooky" she ended it over dramatically shaking her head continuously while he continue to stare at her with an amused look, how can someone be so gimmick? he wondered with narrowed eyebrows as he felt his throat been tied in a knot.

"Now what will happen to me? Now I'm not in a condition to show my face to anyone" she said keeping her hand over her forehead showing him how much distressed she was because of this over the world issue which was much more important then any other threat but from the corner of her eyes she could see him hawking at her with an open mouth, shocked to hell. Smirking she started to fake some tears forcing him to roll his eyes at her antics.

"Oh Good lord!" He exclaimed, amusement was the one thing to be heard there, "Annika you are one such drama Queen"

She pouted in return "Hey I'm not acting!" She tried to defend herself "this is true, and because of that you were crying" she continue to weep falsely making him shook his head in disbelief.

"You ain't gonna stop it, right?" he asked after a few moments of pondering as she failed to see wickedness lingering in his bluish orbs.

She shook her head like a five years old stubborn girl, Knowing well that he was up to something.

"Okay then" he said as if he didn't care a bit while she looked at him in utter shock because this was not the reaction she wanted from him but soon after a bit  her eyes widen in shock as she sensed his fingers making it's way towards her stomach; tickling her to no extend, as she threw her head back in mirth, laughing like a maniac and in between begging him to stop.

"Shivaay.. Stop.. it" she was pleading him in between but he continue to do it chuckling at her response.

After what felt like ages he stopped while she looked at him sternly for a few second as she tried to get back her normal breathing but soon after they laughed together, hugging each other.

"I will take my revenge for this Mr. Tadibaaz" she said as she came out of the hug.

"I will wait for you to loose it Mrs.Tadibaaz" he winked making her grin in response as she gave a You-will-not-be-able-to-beat-me-in-this attitude.

Few seconds later it was turned into a eye lock as they gazed at each other softly.  His hand got hold of her strands - which was falling on her face - tugging them tenderly behind her ear, smiling softly while she closed her eyes as the spark that trailed her skin with his finger made her giddy.

He looked at her face and smiled a little wider "Thank you" he whispered to her for making the situation better and making him alright while she just blinked and leaned forward.

As soon as her lips come in contact with his skin, he felt complete, letting her lips linger at his forehead for some more time she parted and smiled at him affectionately.


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