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Annika - I'm Still haunted By the Memories.

Annika entered the house being exhaust, today her whole team had to go and do the preparation of one of the most lavish wedding of this year which is going to take place in a week.

She gave out a moan because of her nature, not any wedding planner was taking this deal because of the short time and she,  been the most generous of all took the responsibility.

How couldn't she? if this wedding will be in success then her company will be one step more ahead in getting popularity.

"Anything for bussiness" she thought and smiled involanterily as someone's thoughts occupied her mind, Shivaay, her Shivaay. He used this line often and now see what she is doing? she is telling the same thing despite being the one who always scold him to be a workaholic.

Shaking her head at her own wavering thoughts, she bumped herself on the peach couch, head rested against the back as she closed her eyes for some peaceful seconds. Trying to calm herself down bit.

After few moments she loooked around the house to see it empty, Maybe Shivaay haven't come yet! looking at the antique watch hanging on the pistachio colour wall, golden square structure giving it a classy look she rubbed her eyes.

Well all the interior was designed by her. Yeah, not really because shivaay was the one choosing it but she was the one finalising so isn't it she is the one behind all this? She remembered that when they were shifting here and deciding what to be done to this beautiful apartment, they have been in a gush of quarrels.

No one won. although this Civil War extended for like one week because both of them were one such stubborn asses that coming into agreement with each other was thought to be an intelligent idea.

So they have divided their departments with peaceful agreement. Jhanvi Oberoi being the uttermost, impartial judge of this.  Omkara and Saumya being Shivaay's defender more precisely his lawyer while Rudra and Gauri being in annika's favour.

Kitchen was totally under the skilful and calculative hands of her husband even though she poked her nose into it no matter what and when shivaay used to complain then those puppy eyes and childlike smile was far enough for Jhanvi to overlook this matter which pissed him off to no end but at the same time he was satisfied too. And in this way this whole flat was filled with both of their likes and dislikes.

It was nearly 10 and he was not yet home. Well this was happening more often these days and even the thought of it makes her feel dishearten because Seeing him like this, working, working and working she felt bad.

She knew he wasn't doing it intentionally or  he can do it but his new company had started just a few days ago and he needs time to established it, so in order to bring it to the top most level he had been a toiler from the past few days and even after all this, at some corner of her heart she was glad for him being busy because he was able to distract himself from the happening of those unfortunate days of his life.

Her mobile ranged, bringing her back from her reverie as she saw saumya written on the caller screen, with a small smile she answered the call and both the ladies were engrossed in small talks about their work.

"Have Gauri reached Home?' annika asked anxiously, both of them had left the office at the same time but she never got the time to ask her if she reached or not. Gauri have been  helping Annika in her bussiness, both of them were partners and were happy to work with each other.

"Yes Bhabhi, she just came" Saumya answered calmly sensing the worry in her sister in law's voice. She just can't get rid of her habits, even if she is bubbly and chirpy her nature of getting worried even for the smallest and silliest thing can never betray her and Saumya was grateful to have such a loving sister.

After a few second she cut the call and made her way to her bedroom so that she could freshen up, once done with that she entered into the kitchen and started making something light for themselves.

Well it isn't surprising for her as well as for the people who knows her because even if she is cooking she had still not achieved the level of a proper cook but she wasn't worst too.

In the initial stages, Shivaay was shocked but didn't criticised it else whenever he got time, both of them cook together helping each other and it just become one of the best moment of their life, laughing, pulling each other legs they end their culinery skills with cherished memories.

She was stirring something on the burner when out of the blue there was a short circuit. Everywhere she looked it was dark, pitch black and the fear of darkness engulfed her senses as she tried to close the burner.

Closing it with much difficulty, she, with a whole lot of courage made her way towards the living room in search of her mobile, she realised she had left it on the table itself when she was talking to Saumya.

The blackness in front of her eyes was something she just couldn't stand, it's like after seeing the beautiful colours of the nature god took away her ability to see. There was that silent screaming around her that it didn't took enough time for the bile to rose through her throat and into her mouth.

Coughing as well as after a lot of struggle, she was able to find her mobile and the lightness it bought with it made her blink for some moment. Taking a deep calming breath, the bitter taste in her mouth while her hands trembling, she tried to call Shivaay, but he didn't picked it up, making her more distressed.

Her whole body was literally shaking with nervousness because darkness is one such thing which haunt her to no extend.

She tried again. Desperately calling him but now it coming unreachable. Frustrated by the sudden turn of events she opened the torch of her mobile and starting moving towards the main door in an attempt to go out and see what really happened and call for the gaurds to see the problem.

She doesn't know form where she got that much of courage that she opened the door and came out. Her face was wet with sweat as well tears. Body still and cold due to fear. Lips pale blue and quivering. With fearful eyes she looked towards the corridor it was also dark, swaying her mobile in the air to see the way, she moved forward when she heard some foot steps, fright gripped her heart in a much higher phase and she could literally hear the thumping of her heart.

Moving backwards she went inside her apartment as it was safe.

Stumbling, hyperventilating she at last reached the door, when she slipped because of her leg getting entangled and she fall down, hurting her elbow from the side table as she heard the footsteps getting more prominent now.

In between all this her mobile slipped from her hand and she searched for it moving her hands helplessly, randomly on the furry carpet but it didn't help.

Panic took over her senses as she found everything dark around herself, and the only person which came to her mind was Shivaay, how she wished he was there with her.

Pressing her back on the table with her legs close to her chest, eyes tightly closed she rocked over there, tears moving out in a notstop flow, when she stilled as a hand held her shoulder in a tight grip.


Back with the next chapter. I hope you loved the few simplistic points Over here, I want to make it a little less emotional so I wonder whether is was up to the mark or not?

And who do you think the person could be?  ; )

Do share your views and let me know how was this part.

- Anya ❤️

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