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Based on - If Shivaay would have been an Illegitimate Child.

Set in when Shivaay threw Annika out of the house because of Pinky's Plan.

They haven't met each other since three months. Shivay come to know about the truth and is trying to cope up with the biggest or worst truth of his life and Is been guilty throwing annika away from him, hence she was just saving him.

He distanced himself from the Oberoi's. He had disowned himself from the title and the company and hoped that Annika come back so that he could apologize.

Omru on the other hand couldn't see their brother like this and thought to bring back annika so that shivaay wouldn't be alone, they are there for him but still they know that their brother needs his wife, his support.

Annika come back and they are living in a flat, A gift to them by Omru and Jhanvi, well shivaay didn't want it, he don't want anything regarding the Oberoi money but he just can't deny his beloved brothers as well as his badi Maa So he accepted it.

Annika had been flourished in her work of catering business and is yet rising slowly, Step by step, While Shivaay had opened his own Company, being a well trained as well as an experienced business man , it wasn't hard for him to do this job and so, he is just busy in maintaining it.

Everyone comes frequently to meet them except, Shakti and Pinky, Shivaay had strictly ordered not to meet them or them to come to meet him.

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I know I have vanished from here for god know how many months and days, But I just can't help it. My studies is something I want to give my first Priority right now. So I'm really sorry If I'm not to able to update my One shot Book. I have left with a no. of half written shots but none of them are completed. One way or the other I'm struck on something or some scene and my mind is blank.

Now coming to this story which I have started, let me tell you all that it's almost completed and I'm  looking forward to complete this soon so I thought to upload this work of mine here too.

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