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Annika : How I'm breaking while you fall asleep.

Annika stood at the balcony, still and focused on nothing particular wondering how many things had been changed in this mere few months for them. For Shivaay she sacrificed her happiness so that he could  live in peace, but see what had happened?

Everything came out, well Omkara was right "How much we try we can't hide the truth for long" The same thing happened.  it's not like, she didn't know the meaning behind the words, but being blinded by the happiness of her husband, she just let it go, his happiness was everything she wants and nothing matters. Not even her happiness. If she need to suffer at the cost of his happiness she will do it without battling an eyelid. She love him that so much.

A sigh involuntarily escaped her mouth as she realised that it's been exact one month when the truth came out, she always curse herself most probably literally cried her heart out thinking that she was not there, not there to support, to take care of her collapsing Shivaay.

He had to go through so many things, the truth, the confrontation all Alone.

She was not there standing at the back of his walls which was merely cracking, but she was glad that the pillars were there, there to took hold of the wall, but still at some corner of her heart she felt like a betrayer, a cheater because she has promised him that she will stand just beside him and hold him whenever he would need her.

But what she did? she wasn't there.

Ahh! She will never gonna be able to thank Omkara and Rudra for bringing her back to his life when she was trying to cope up with her biggest loss, but after all that she once again got her gain! She got her Shivaay back.

"Maybe Not" her heart screamed, making her shut her eyes tightly as she let the tears descend down her cheeks freely, yes her heart was right, she didn't got her shivaay completely, only some part of him was there.

Only she knew how much it hurts to see him like this. It just crush her heart into tinnier pieces when she think of this.

Even after all these days he is still trying to cope up with the unwanted truth, anger rose in her veins not for anyone but for herself, because she doesn't know what to do.

How much she tried to be close to him he always move a little backwards leaving her miserable. She wished that nothing would have happened and they would have been happy ever after.

A dry chuckle escaped her mouth, tears not at all stopping at the irony of their life, She believed that happiness never bound to be her friend, it always want to be her enemy and this is the reason it never took her side.

The cold midnight breeze made her shudder as well as to come out of her thoughts, Moving away from the door, she made her way towards their bed, where shivaay was sound asleep, she smiled with tearful eyes as she saw how peaceful he looks while sleeping but she know that this is just for this mere hours, as when he's awake, he always try to be happy but in front of her he failed miserably.

She don't know why he is behaving like this, of course because of the truth, but still there is something else which linger in his beautiful bluish orbs, as if it was apologising her, but why? this is the question which had almost occupied her mind through out and she need to know this.

She sat by the bedside, near him, caressing his hair.  The frown were adorning his forehead, so she gently swayed her hand above it and in an instant it vanished, smiling she bend forward, and her lips met his skin, kissing him tenderly on his forehead, she sat up, wiping off her tears promising to herself that she will bring her Shivaay back soon. The Tadibaaz!

Hello Everyone!
Back with the first chapter, I know it's small but this is how all the chapters will be, not more then 1000 words or more.

I want to clear few things before I continue this story :-

• I haven't shown anything regarding How the truth had came out so please pardon me if you want to know anything regarding it because I haven't thought of one.

• This story is Basically an inspiration from the song which I have given in the previous update.

• Each Chapter Name shows the words that they are saying to each other and that's the reason I gave their name in front of each heading. When I'll continue this you all will see that the chapters Name are actually a conversation between these two ;)

• I need a cover. If anyone could help me, I'll be really glad ❤️

I hope you all like it. Do tell me your views about it. I will love to know them.

-Anya 💕

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