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The sleep I had so desperately craved never came. I sit here now in bed, hours later, empty, hollow and shaking.

"Bill..." I whisper out into the consuming darkness.

"I love you. I love you so much.

I didn't want this.

I'm sorry."

I miss him. I want his arms around me and I want to play with his hair.

I'm sure he knows this. But he does nothing, filling me with anger.

"Some boyfriend you are!" I scream into the air, throwing my arms up.

Tears threaten my composure as anger and rage consume my being. "What the hell!! You're supposed to be all knowing, all powerful! A good damn boyfriend! If you were, you'd know! You'd know what I meant. You'd know I love you! But you don't. You're just a fraud. A liar!"

I clench my fists "If you really are what you've claimed to be, you'd know what I'm feeling. If you really cared about me, if you really loved me, you'd be here! You wouldn't let me suffer! But you're not here, are you?! I'm just a toy. Just a pawn! You never loved me! You're a real helluva demon! Helluva boyfriend too!"

I now ransack my closet, hurriedly showing necessities into my backpack. "You want a war, Cipher? You wanna fight? Act like a child? Well sure, I'll give you exactly what you want!"

I walk out of the house and slam the door behind me, out into the woods. "See you in Hell, Babe."

The force that I once felt reappears, weighing down upon me, trying to force me to my knees.
I won't allow it.

"Bill Cipher, you've met your match." And with that, his presence, him, all of it, lifts in an instant and leaves me isolated.

I should have known better.
You never trust a demon.

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