The Fair pt2

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Hey guys!! I'm sorry for the lack of updates this week. I'm not being flaky, I promise. I've just had writing classes, (so fun!) and yesterday we had a read out, and I had to read this piece about a controversial English teacher I wrote. I'll be more active until school stars back up and then Things'll slow down again. I entered this in the Wattys! Wish me luck! The fact that a story you (hopefully) like is in the wattys fills you with read this chapter. xD AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE 200+ READS!!! :D
Bill walks around the side of the car as I have trouble unbuckling my seat belt. I finally get the thing off, as he opens me door for me, extending his hand.

"Why thank you, Mr. Cipher."

"Anything for you, Doll," He swings my hand back and forth as we walk up the hill to the fair.

"You have to cross train tracks to get to the fair?!"I laugh, jumping on a railroad tie. Bill keeps walking.

"Wait!" I say, grabbing his shoulder.


"I want a picture."

"Then take one."

"With you, stupid."

"Oh." He smiles, sliding an arm around my waist.

I pull out my phone, and take a picture of us with the tracks behind us.

"Okay, c'mon!" I yell, pulling him behind me.

"Alright, jeez, you're gonna pull my arm outta socket."

"Oh hush, you'd love that."

"Yeah. Pain is pretty funny."

"You're nuts," I tell him.

"Yeah, I know. Its great."

I look around, colored lights flashing, as it's now twilight. It was a long car ride.
Music plays, and I smell the funnel cake in the air.

"What should you like to do first, Sunshine?"

"Uhh, I dunno." I glance around.



He glances at me uncomfortably. "...Whaaat?"

"Do it."

He smiles at me, placing a finger under my chin. "My love, you are going to be the absolute downfall of me."

I laugh and take his hand. "C'mon. You'll be fine."

He walks over to the mechanival bull, but I run up behind him, throwing my arms around his waist. To the unsuspecting eye, it would seem like a girlfriend giving her boyfriend a quick hug before he does something stupid. Obviously not the case here. "No magic," I whisper in his ear. "That's cheating."

He grumbles.

"C'mon. I know you can beat these humans without magic, Bill." I point to the time board, where the highest time is a 37 seconds.

"Take away all my fun, why don't ya?"

"Just go," I kiss his cheek to solidify the act, and not because I, like, want to, or something.

He smirks, signing the release form and climbing on the bull.

I giggle, as he's surprised by the bull's sudden start.

He holds the rope tightly, as the bull begins to speed up, jerking him every which way.

A crowd gathers as Bill has stayed on for 46 seconds. At this point the bull is rocking him up and down as hard as it can, while spinning. What little I can see of Bill's blurry face, he looks sick.

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