Flannels and Other Oddities

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Is is currently 10:54 pm. Perfect_Cell commented the best thing I have ever seen. Best idea ever. And I've got something hilarious to go with it! Thank you so much! I DOETH DECLARE THAT THIS CHAPTER SHALL BE POSTED BEFORE I GO TO BED! Lemme bust out my laptop, Dimitri.

Okay. Wearing my favorite Harley Davidson t-shirt and a pair of pajama pants with puppies on them. LEZ WRITE!!!
Bill and I walk over to the Mystery Shack hand in hand. Not by my choice.

"Someone's gonna see us!" I whisper harshly.

"Who cares?"

"I care!"


"Because Dipper!"

His hand tightens around mine. It constricts around mine.

"Ow, Bill!"

"What does stupid Pine Tree matter, anyway, huh? Last time I checked, you were with me."

I roll my eyes. "Yeah, I'm with you, Bill, but he's still my friend. I care about him."

"Oh? You care about him? Do you LIKE him? Huh? Do you? Would you rather be with him? Huh? You know what I bet-"


"You love him, don't'cha?!!?"

"You know, I liked you a whole lot more before you got all stupid."

"You're avoiding the question."

"Bill, I don't love him. He's a friend, you moron. Could you chill, Mr. Paranoid?"

"Me? Paranoid?! I don't think so. I just like to take care of my possessions."

I smack him as hard as I can across his face.

He glowers at me.

"You listen hard, William Cipher, and you listen well. I AM NOT your possession. I will never be. You remember that. Got it?"

"Sheesh. Geez, Sunshine. I'll watch my word choice...touchy much?"

I roll my eyes, then soften my glare. "Oh, I made a hand imprint on your face. hiDang...I'm sorry."

"No, no, it's alright..." He says through gritted teeth.

"You don't mean it! I feel so bad!!"

"Yeah, turns out when you're a dream demon possessing someone else, pain is UTTERLY HILARIOUS, but when you're able to manifest your energy into your own physical human form, it is...not even laughable." He rubs the spot on his face.

"I FEEL SO BAD! DON'T HATE ME!" I pull him into a hug. "PLEASE LOVE ME!"

Oh my Soda Cans. I hurt Bill Cipher. This is funny and not funny at the same time.

He laughs, hugging me back. "So you domestically abused me. I still love you."

I smile. "Good. I-I love you too, I mean I guess...Don't joke about domestic abuse! That's a serious thing!"

He flinches away from me. "Ahh! Noo! Don't hit me, Please!"

"I hate you." I fake glare at him. "You're not funny."

"No you don't." He pulls me into a side hug as the Mystery Shack comes into view. "And I AM funny. I should be a comedian."

I roll my eyes, walking up the porch steps and heading into the Shack.

"(Y/n)! Come watch Duck-tecive! We're in the back!"

"I brought a tag-a-long! I hope you don't mind!"

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