Demon I've Created

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I know this one is short, but I just had to set up the next chapter. Sorry guys. Lol.

I play with his palms. His new, permanent palms. I trace over every line and contortion. I pause as tears well up in my eyes.

This is my fault.

"Stop it. It is not your fault." His low, soothing voice tells me.

Currently, I sit in his lap, his arms around me as I am curled up into a ball, my face buried in his chest. He strokes my hair.

"Yes it is," I say, voice straining to get above a whisper. "It's my fault."

He sighs, taking both of my wrists in one of his hands, the other going to my face. "Stop, (y/n)."


"Why not?!" I can tell he's beginning to get irritated. I have been moping for an hour and a half now.

"For the 500th Time, it is not your fault. You did nothing wrong."

"It's my fault. You're not the same anymore."

"Not the same?" His face begins to go red. "What do you mean "not the same?!"

"I mean you're not... I don't know. You're not Bill. Because of me."

He drops my wrists instantly, pushing himself away from me.

I blink a few times in confusion. "W-what's wrong?"

"You want the old Bill back, (y/n)?" He grabs my chin and a cold sweat runs across my being.

"I-I didn't sa-"

"Then that's what you'll get," He flashes me a malicious smile, evil emanating from his very being. "Love."

Dark energy begins to surround him, though it is pure evil, I find beauty in it. The purples and red energies violently thrash around his form, his smile getting more and more sadistic by the second.

He grabs me by the chin. "I try to be nice for you, (y/n), play the little nice guy, the goody two shoes, just for you, my love, my one and only, But seems like you don't want that, so you, dearest?" I close my eyes in fear, as he leans in whispering into my ear. He kisses my cheek. "If its a demon you want, my love, it's a demon you'll get. That, I can promise you."

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