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"That was pretty fun, Thanks for the day out Wendy." I say, hanging my jacket on the coat hanger.

"Yeah, no problem (y/n), what are friends for?" She smiles, getting back to her actual job that she shirked for my sake.

Yeah, (y/n), Piedmont doesn't matter. You already have new friends and a new life here in Gravity Falls, what happened back there doesn't matter.

A familiar feeling of dread washes over me, as color fades from the Mystery Shack, and the cool, electronic voice of Bill Cipher resonates off the walls.

"Helloooooo, My lovely ray of sunshiiiiine!!!"

"I will kill you with fire." I deadpan.

"Aww, not as sunshine-y as I remember, huh love?"

"I hate the sun."

"Why ya gotta be so mean to poor ol' me?"

"I hate you. Like the sun."

"I'm thinking you're a bit racist, Doll Face. The sun and I are both yellow and hot. You have a problem with hot yellow beings?"

"Just you, really."

"Well, that's not nice. Sooo, you wanna strike up that deal now?"

I start laughing.

"What?" He puts his hands on his hips -er- sides, rather.

"It's just kinda hard to take you seriously, you glow with every syllable, you know."

"Oh! How low and childish of you, (y/n)!"

"Seems I've struck a nerve," I giggle.

"Well, let's see how this works for you!" Bill dramatically floats out of the shack, and moments later, a tall, golden eyed man walks in, smirking.

"How's this, Sunshine?"

My face grows red, as I take this new Bill in. His blond hair sticks out in multiple directions, the black hair underneath tame. He still keeps his bow tie, cane and hat, but
now wears a white dress shirt, a black vest, and a yellow brickwork over coat, and blaxk jeans and boots.

Wow, Cipher, not bad...

"So you do like it, huh Sunshine?"

Shoot! I forgot about him reading minds.

"We all forget about the things that will eventually be our downfall, Sweetheart," He says, walking towards me, hand out stretched.

I pull my hand to my chest, "No way! I'm still not making a deal with you!"

He rolls his eyes. "I want to go for a walk."

"And you think I'd actually trust you after all you've done?"

"You think I'm cute, you want to go on a walk with me."

"Bill, Stop," I say, with a groan.






"If I say yes, will you leave me alone?"

"For a little bit,"


He holds his hand out to me.


He rolls his eyes, and grabs my hand. "I'm dapper, not repulsive,"

I grimace as we walk through the door, where everything returns to color.

I don't grimace because I hold his hand, but rather because I don't particularly mind the feel of Bill's hand in mine. I hold his hand tighter, and watch him smirk.

"I knew you'd come around."

I roll my eyes in response. Yeah, you wish.

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