Weighing The Scales

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"(Y/n,)" Dipper's pleading eyes look into my vacant ones with alarm. "You can't do that. Don't tell me you're actually considering making another deal with the demon who ruined your life!"

"Dip, what-what if he can, what he can fix it?"

"He wouldn't, he's a demon," he takes my hand. "I know that what happened earlier this year in Piedmont was rough on you, but you can't let Bill take advantage of that."

"Dipper, I know what they do to you guys back home. I know they tease you and Mabel for being friends with me after what happened, and it kills me to think about that, to think that it's my fault all those kids pick on you guys, and you just put up with it. I know how kids are. Kids are MEAN. If I did take the deal, that's what I'd want. I'd want all the kids at home to forget that 'The Incident' even happened."

"(Y/N)! You don't have to worry about us! We're technically teens now! Almost have been for a year now! Kids can't pick on us forever!" Mabel chirps happily, cuddling Waddles.

"But they can Mabel, they've picked on me my whole life. Just because I was different than they were. People are afraid of what they don't understand, and people react irrationally to fear. They don't understand why you guys were still my friends after what happens. They can't appreciate individuality. Don't you remember all those things Pacifica said about you and your brother? She didn't understand you two. Not like I do." I pull the twins in for a hug. "Being different and an individual is good, it makes life special, but sometimes, most times, it comes at a price. And I suppose, this our price."

The thirteen year olds look up at me.

"That was beautiful, (y/n)," Mabel says.

I laugh, and with a sigh, I hope that I can find some other way to fix "The Incident." Maybe I won't make a deal with Bill.

"Whoah, (Y/n) sounds like you've had some past problems." Wendy sits down in front of the twins and I.

"Oh yeah. What teen hasn't?"

She laughs. "True that." She pulls me up. "Let's go have some fun."

"Sounds nice," I say, and we head out the door.


We meet at the High School, and I am introduced to Lee, Tambry, Nate, Thompson and Robbie.

"Sup?" Robbie says, 'nonchalantly' obviously trying to impress me.

Dipper takes my hand, and pulls me away.

"Robbie's a jerk, don't trust him. He's almost as bad as Bill."

I laugh. "That bad?"


We walk back over to the group, Wendy working the lock on the door.

"So Shrimp, you finally got a girlfriend, or is that just your baby sitter?" Robbie gestures at our interlocked fingers.

Dipper's face reddens, as he lets go of my hand. "N-neither."

"I shoulda figured. No way a girl like that would date a twerp like you."

"Actually, Robbie," I take Dipper's hand again, to solidify my point, "I'd date Dipper here over you any day."

The entire group laughs as Robbie, and Wendy kicks the door. "I can't get the thing open." She huffs.

"Lemme try," I pull a tin box from my jacket, pulling out my lock picking gun.

"Duuuude! Is that a snap gun?!" Wendy asks.

"Yeah. I never leave home with out it!"

I stick it in the door, squeezing the trigger.

"Man, I've always wanted one of those!"

"Well, you can have this one," I say, as the door unlocks. "I have three more at home."

"Dude! Thanks!" I hand her the tin and gun.

"No problem." I pull open the door.

"Yeah! We're calling you 'Mrs. Doctor Fun Times!" Nate cheers.


"I'll tell you later,"

"Oh, shoot! Run!" Nate yells, as police sirens blare.

"Go to the Bowling Alley!" I yell, running.  "Wendy, throw me the Snap gun! I don't want you getting in trouble if we're caught!" She tosses me the tin, but Dipper catches it.

"Dipper, give me that!" I say as we turn a corner.

"No! What if you get caught! You haven't even started school here yet!"

"Dipper! I'm on the cross country team!! I'll be fiiine!!"

"I don't LIVE here!"

"Guuuuys," Thompson  says, and the group stops.

Two cops are in front of us.

Dipper and I push to the front of the group.

"Hi officers!" I say, beaming. "What's the problem?"

"Why are you kids runnin'?"

"Cross Country."

"In those clothes?"

"Yeah. New sport. Spontaneous Cross Country. You gather up all your friends and go for a run, with out changing."

"And you have nothing to do with the school break in?"

"Someone broke in the school?! That's terrible!!"

"Yes. Not too long ago."

"Do you want to run with us?"

"Oh! Can we Blubs?" Says the deputy.

"I suppose." The sheriff sighs.  

"We're going to the bowling alley." I say, running again.

When we reach the bowling alley, the cops are no longer with us,

"Nice job, Mrs. Doctor Fun Times!" Nate says.

"Thanks," I say, as Dipper gives Wendy the snap gun back.

I smile. Who needs Piedmont?

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