Chapter Ten

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Shawn's pov

Well, today went good. I did make her feel comfortable around me. She even said that he would like to hang out more often with me. It started off on a good note. I hope this continues...

I came in and Zayn on the couch. He was probably sleeping, so I tiptoed towards Jaxon's room. He was fast asleep seems like he had a lot of fun. I wonder if  Y/n was up still?

I heard clicks of the keys on the laptop. I went upstairs and opened the door to Y/n's room. She lay upside down on her bed with her head lifted up and her hands on the laptop.

She was typing something.

"Hey...." I said as she turned towards me still laying in her bed.

"Hey, so how did it go? Did y'all ski?" She asked in a low voice.

"We didn't go for skiing but we did go to a few other places. It was fun after all." I smiled and sat next to her.

"Good..." She muttered and shut the tabs on the screen. She slowly adjusted herself and closed the laptop, placing it on the desk next to the bed, she pulled the covers over herself and turned the other way.

"Can you sleep next to me tonight Shawn, I don't know why....But can you?" She asked breathing a little heavily. I guess she was crying. Maybe something's bothering her, but it's not the right time to ask...

I pulled the covers over myself and slept next to her. I heard her sobbing but I didn't dare to ask her. She needed her space. So, I let her cry her heart out...

What will she do when she will know about what I did?

Y/n has been facing a lot of things since her childhood. It was all good when Dad around. Everyone mistreats her including Zayn and sometimes even mom because they blame her for losing dad. I didn't know why... Since then, they just let out their frustration on her. Once, Zayn had kicked her so hard that she had didn't sleep for many days because of the pain. She feels that she doesn't deserve to be loved and the crimes we do are an add-on to her depression.  I just hope someone can take her out of this, love her and make her cherish every moment of her life...

Justin's pov

I didn't sleep at all, I messed with covers for awhile but I couldn't help myself thinking about her. I got up and put my hoodie on. And walked down the stairs, I slowly opened the door, so it wouldn't wake Cam up.

I went to Y/n's window. It was too high to reach so I adjusted a ladder on it. I climbed up and saw Shawn leaving the room and close the door behind him. I got in quickly and walked towards her bed.

She lay there all quiet. Her pillow was wet, I guessed she cried too. I stroked her cheek gently, pulling a strand out of her face. She looked really beautiful. I sat near the bed, on the ground and crossed my legs. I just stared at her and observed the way she moved slightly adjusting herself to sleep comfortably. She snored a little and I smiled.

I was a bit tired, so I decided to lay next to her. I slid into the covers and turned the other side. I felt good that she was next to me and she can't go anywhere.

"I..? Who is this...? Justin..!" She said looking at me startled.

I just stared at her, she looked cute when she was mad at me.

"Justin..Why did you come here?" She asked and sat up.

I pulled the sheets over my face and turned the other side.

"Justin if anyone sees you and me like this... we'll be so dead." She sighed.

"Y/n...I don't wanna go. And I'm really tired just let me sleep. Please." I asked her while still under the covers.

"Ok, I'm sorry. Take some rest. And call me if you need anything, don't go around the house and get both of us into trouble." She whispered and put herself down next to me.

"Y/n..?" I tapped her shoulder.

"What..?" She yawned.

"I need something." I said moving close to her.

She remained silent.

"Water..?" She asked and faced me.

"No, I" I said carefully picking up my words. I didn't want to her to leave this time.

She just stared at me. Her eyes were a little pleasing.

She sat up and rubbed her face with her hands. Her hair fell over her back it was [length] and natural [colour].

"Won't you give up on me?" She asked looking straight at me.

I got up and folded my legs. "I won't... Can you tell me, why were you running away from me?" I asked and pulled my phone out. It was four in the morning.

"I'm sorry, but it won't work out. I'm different, my life is different.You'll probably forget me after leaving this place. You'll move on, so it's better if we stayed apart and didn't feel dejected at the end..." She said and closed her tired eyes.

"Yes, you are different and that's why I like you.." I answered.

"No... Justin! I'm not who your looking for. Alright?
I saw all your girlfriends on the internet they are really beautiful and ya talented too. You need someone more like them not me who doesn't have a life." She sobbed a bit.

I glanced over at her room and she had a number of files and papers stacked neatly. A beautiful portrait, some books and a black guitar.

I climbed out of the bed and took the guitar in my hands.

"Is this yours?" I asked her, holding it up.

"Yes, why?" She smiled weakly.

"So you sing?" I smirked.

"Sometimes when I'm sad or bored. But  I don't have a great voice like yours." She winked.

"That's fine. I told you that I'd make you hear my song. Do you remember?" I said and sat on a high stool next to me.

"Ya... 'What do you mean' right?" She asked nervously.

"Let me begin," I adjusted the stool and stared right at her.

Your pov

He stared right at me and began.

What do you mean?
Hey yeah
When you nod your head yes but you wanna say no
What do you mean?
When you don't want me to move, but you tell me to go...
What do you mean?... What do you mean?
Since we're running outta time...
What do you mean?
Better make up your mind...
What do you mean?" He continued breathing heavily.  No wonder, he was Justin Bieber...

I just sat there staring at this perfect guy. Why would anyone leave such a person?

"Why did you stop?" I asked him.

"Well, I have to figure out the other lyrics. I'll finish that part soon." He said and placed the guitar back.

He came and sat next to me.

"What do you think? Yay or nay?" He smiled.

"I LOVE IT JUSTIN...! It's truly amazing! Your a star!" I squeaked and giggled a bit.

"So I promised you and I did it. What would you do for me?" He asked and my heart skipped a beat.

What could I probably do for him?

He stood up and walked towards the window. He just stared outside.

I went and stood next to him.

Maybe I should just tell him,who I am...

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