Chapter Seven

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Camilla's pov

We were headed upto the nearest hill that was covered with snow. I could see the ice melt away and the blazing sun.

Shawn laid his eyes on the road, he kept looking at the GPS tracker.

"So, are you working on something lately?" He asked and kept his eyes straight.

"Ya, I'm gonna make a new music video after my vacation." I gasped as the cool breeze swept across the car window.

"Close it, you'll feel warmer." He said and adjusted in his seat to get a better view of the way.

I shut the window in one press and almost instantly it felt nice.

He smiled and turned the car in a direction away from the hill. I was puzzled.

Where was he taking me?

"Do you like surprises?" He smiled shyly. His cheeks flushed red. He covered one of them with his hand.

"Well, tell me what is it?" I asked suspiciously.

"Oh, no I'm sorry if I scared you! I just wanted to show you something." He said rather in disappointment.

"No! You didn't. Can you tell me where we're going at least?"

"You'll see..." He smirked and raised the car.

After a few minutes, he pulled over at a side stop.

It was a cave under the same hill. I saw him get down the car. He removed his jacket and put it on his arm. He opened the car door and blushed before lending his hand to help me get down.

"What is this?" I asked him while continued to walk inside the cave.

"Come fast!" He whispered with excitement.

I ran a bit to catch up with him. I finally reached him.

"Do you trust me?" He said and grabbed my hand. Sparks went running through my veins and my heartbeat faster. I quickly pulled my hand away.

He looked a little embrassed. He turned his head away.

"I do." I whispered and blushed helplessly. What's happening to me?! Why is he making me nervous?

He quickly picked me off the ground and caught me in bridal style. I put my hands around his neck for support. He didn't look at me but I stared at his mysteriously attractive face. He breathed heavily, I could see fog come out of his mouth.

"Stop staring!" He smiled.

Heat went rising up my cheek. I looked away.

"No I wasn't." I spoke with nervousness.

He smiled.

"You did! You like me carrying you. Right?" He laughed.

What the hell?

"No! " I said getting down from his grip. Before I could say anything, he placed his hands over my eyes.


"What are you doing?" I was tensed.

He pushed me forward with his chest and stopped at a point.

"Now, look!" He said removed his hands. I saw a place that felt like a garden of ice.

There were ice thorns hanging from a rock and with bed of frozen roses all around. It looked magnificent. The roses were laid like someone had put them for a loved one.

I turned to see Shawn smiling at me.

"So, do you like it?" He asked.

"In love with it totally! How did you find this place?" I said and hoped that he didn't see me blush.

His smiled turned into a frown.

"What happened?" I asked him. Did I make him upset?

"I had a girlfriend before. Her name is Lisa, I did this for her. She died in a car accident a week ago."

"I'm sorry." I said and kept quiet cause I didn't want him to lose it.

"I didn't tell anyone that I was in a relationship with someone. They wouldn't let me be if they knew. Your the only one who knows about it." He said not smiling like before. The cheerful Shawn vanished.

I didn't know what to say, so we sat next to each other silently staring at the roses for a long time.

Finally I decided to speak up.

"I had a boyfriend too, he cheated on me with another. He dated me for fame anyways. Your love was true towards Lisa, but Raymond was way far from love. I loved him so much but he didn't feel the same way. Sucks, right?" I said and felt good that I had let go off something that burdened me till now.

"I'm sorry." He whispered.

"You know what it's funny but I didn't tell anyone either that he cheated on instead I told everyone that I wasn't interested in him anymore. And that I didn't love him." I said giving him a half smile.

He sat there gazing at me. I looked away cause it made me blush badly and he wouldn't believe if I said it was the cold of course.


Shawn's pov

I knew everything about her. She won't like me anyway cause she's heartbroken with her boyfriend, that idiot who cheated on her. I can treat her better, better than he can. Better than anyone can. She just needs some space and time to trust me. She can take all her time. She just needs to know that I love her so much..

I've been stalking her since a year,everywhere possible. I made her boyfriend ditch her for me, that sounds bad right? I made him fall for another girl whom I sent to the party and made her grind over him so that Camilla would see and break up with him. She did break up but she didn't get over him so I thought I she needed love, more than anyone could give her and she had to be with me so that I could protect and give her everything she ever wanted. So, I threatened her boss and so that he would send her with Justin on this trip.

It's true that I had a girlfriend before but she was not like Camilla. Camilla meant the world to me. She didn't forget about him yet but she will one day. And no will ever stop me from loving her then.
But what if she found out that I did everything? What if she doesn't love me back? I can't live without her.

Out of all the shit I had done. I didn't tell Y/n about this. What if she found it out? She thought I was better than Zayn but what if she knew what I had done? She would be so disappointed in me.

I looked at Camilla, she looked extremely beautiful sitting under the glass sheet of ice.

I lied to her that it was for my girlfriend, I laid those roses for her two days ago. I waited for this day for two weeks and it had finally arrived.

I didn't deserve her but don't know if she rejected me I would lose hope in my life. She could make me better.

I wished time stopped forever, I could remain staring at her and protect her from everything that hurt her. She's mine.

Did I surprise ya'll there?

I would be glad if I did. There's more just hang on for the next.😏😏

Love you loads,

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