Chapter Nine

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Your pov

I sat up from the couch and saw that Justin and Jaxon were still asleep. I wonder where Shawn and Camilla were? It's been really long since they've been away.

I took my phone and saw the time it was six in the evening. I put my hair in a messy bun and started cleaning the plates and stuff.

I went to the kitchen and while I did the dishes the lights went off. Oh freak! Why does it happen to me always?

It was just the running water and the sound of the utensils was all that I could hear. I continued to wash cause it could save me some time with Jaxon and Justin.
Seriously! Why would I want to spend my time with  with Justin?

I smiled at the thought me flirting with him a while ago. Just then, I heard loud foot steps go off outside of the window. I looked through it, but there was nothing but darkness.

I calmed myself. Why am I imagining stuff? I rolled my eyes and went back to doing the dishes.

I heard the footsteps again and it came from somewhere close to me. I turned back with chills running down my spine.

"Who's that?" I yelled frightened a bit by the quick movements I could sense around me.

Suddenly, I felt someone grab my arm and pull me towards them. Before I could scream, a hand got placed over my mouth. I stood numb with fear.

"What do you think? Huh! You can leave me hanging there? You thought I wouldn't care? Didn't you? But you know what? I'm gonna take what is rightfully mine now! Don't even try to bring another in between you and me. Alright?" He said in a jerky tone. What was he talking about? Who was he?

He turned me around to face him. He had a black mask over his face. He had his hood on. He leaned in and placed his hands over my waist, pulling me towards him. He hugged me and breathed heavily on my neck. I stood still.

"You know what? I can feel your heart race faster. Is it because of me? You're going to feel this more often then." He said me smiling. I guessed he did. My heart thumped even more and I kinda blushed because of what he said. I tried to keep my space but he held me even tighter.

"I...," He said and the lights were back on. He quickly ran towards the window and jumped off my sight.

Just then I realized that Jaxon and Justin were in the living room.

I went there to find Jaxon asleep. But Justin wasn't there..!
Where was he?

"Justin...?" I called out. But there was no answer.

I walked upstairs and called for him again. He didn't answer.

"Hey.." I heard a voice behind me.

"Gosh, you scared me! Where were you Mr. Bieber?" I asked.

"I was in the bathroom. Why? Couldn't stay a second without me?" He smiled.

"Forget it ! It won't happen." I rolled my eyes at him.

"So, how was the stalker who just came in? Intimidating? Interesting? Flirty? Or Se.." He was about to finish when I cut him off.

"What?! Don't tell me it was you!" I said squinting my eyes probably. I knew it was him.. He liked me and I didn't want that to happen! He will know my truth soon and then, he will be gone forever... It's better to break now then later....

He giggled. Confirmed...that it was him.

"It's not funny! Alright? You scared the hell out of me! And what was that? 'Rightfully mine' stuff? Believe me you won't get it forever, whatever it is!" I said angrily walking out of there. I didn't wanna go but if I don't now then I won't be able to  forever..... I was falling for him helplessly.....He doesn't get that I want him to be away from me or rather I should stay away from him. I like him and he knows it. But it just can't happen, I'm a bloody criminal. I do nothing but take lives...

He pulled me backwards.

"Justin! Leave me!" I said trying to get out of his grip.

"I'm sorry Y/n! Just listen to me." He said in a whisper.
I turned around to face him. To look at him, one last time... His coloured blonde hair fell to the side of his face. His jawline was perfect. His hazel eyes were so intense that I couldn't stare at them for long. I would fall for him and make him fall...

"Did you feel sparks go off when you tried to kiss me or when I tried to? I feel there is something between us. Don't you think?" He asked me making a sad but cute face.

"No, Justin it won't work. We're way different from each other. Your a Popstar, and I am no one. It's for our own good. There are millions of girls out there who could be better than me. I'm just so... you won't understand." I sighed placing my hands over my face.

"What will I not understand Y/n? I've had many heartbreaks till now, until you made me feel special like no one did. Everyone did it for fame but you didn't expect anything from me. You fall for Justin Bieber but me, Justin, an ordinary person in this world. You didn't even know that I was Popstar! It doesn't matter who you are to the world, all that matters is who you are to me and you are special. I don't care what people say cause they can't steal what is mine. If you feel this is too early, then I'll wait for you Y/n." He said pulling my hands away, looking into my eyes. I watched his eyes turn glassy.

"Then you shouldn't cause that's never gonna happen even If I want it too. Bye, Justin." I blurted it out with a lump in my throat and walked towards Jaxon and picked him up. He was still asleep. I welled up with tears as I walked past him.

"Y/n, wait! We need to talk about this!" He said holding my hand.

"I'm sorry Justin. Forgive me if you can." I said and pulled my hand from him and closed the door behind me. Tears ran down my cheek like a flood as I vanished out of my dreams where Incould see myself happy with a person I like. Did he really mean something to me? What if he knew who I was? Would he still feel the same..?

Justin's pov

Why is she pushing me away? I thought she liked me. After all the breakups I had, I thought she was the one for me. I thought she felt the same way. Did I push it too far? I shouldn't have scared her like that. I could've done better, I could've just asked her normally. I thought she would like it....

I sat there thinking of what shit I had done. I didn't want her to leave. I wanted her to stay with me. It seemed more like she didn't want me in her life because of something else. What could it be?

My head started to ache a bit. Because of all that I was thinking. I heard the door open and Camilla came in.

"What's up bro? Why are you so down?" She asked as she took her boots off.

She glanced at me again and raised her brows, wanting me to answer her.

"Nothing, I have a headache. I guess I'll take rest." I said and walked upstairs to my room.

"Call me, if you need anything!" She screamed loud enough for me to hear.

"Sure," I said and fell straight on my bed.

Why did she reject me? She said she wasn't the right one. But why? She just left twenty minutes ago but it felt like forever. I need to talk to her.....

Was that too much to handle?!?!😲😲

I'm sorry if it let any of you down... (Justin and Y/n going away from each other!)

I'm going to make it good, I pinky it...💖

Love you loads,

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