Chapter One

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Your Pov

"Jaxon! Stop!" I shouted at the top of my voice and breathed heavily due to the constant run we had for a mile. The cool breeze blew across my face, and froze my lips.

The road was quite foggy and I could barely spot where he was.

I trudged with concern into the mist.

There he was in the light of the fading sun, with his hands stretched out in line with his shoulders. He ran, laughing like a care free child.

He stopped and turned sharply towards me and gave the most innocent smile ever.

I've lost that innocence in me.

I don't want him to live like any of us, I don't want him to regret his mistakes like me and punch a tree to punish himself.

I just want him to live life like a normal kid. Chasing around butterflies and jumping over fences to prove his strength. But sadly he was one of us, 'The Blades'.

He giggled as I walked towards him.

"Come here right now!" I ordered and he came obediently.

"Y/n don't act like mom!" He taunted with a smirk.
He intertwined his little fingers with mine.

I sighed and whispered "Let's go."

"Hey where did you go?" Zayn asked me as I got inside the house. His voice was hoarse. He had the looks to die for but never admitted the fact. All he cared about is our family. He pulled out his coat and covered himself with it.

"Well, I took Jaxon out for a walk!" I protested.

Well I didn't need his permission to punish myself for the deeds I've done. Though he is my big brother, he has to realise what we're actually doing! Right?

He walked towards me, taking small steps. That's when I knew what he would ask me.

"Why did you hurt yourself again Y/n?" He asked with concern in his eyes. He looked down at my bruised hand and patted it gently.

"You can't change what time did to us Y/n! Do you understand me?" He whispered.

He stroked my cheek with his sprained hand. I pulled his hand away. And walked past him.

I knew he would burst out on me now.

"Y/n.. You should never go to that f**king tree and hurt yourself ! Got it?" He yelled.

"I will", I whispered and regretted saying that after a while, when he came close to me and stood coldly.

"What did you just say?" He asked and clenched his fists. I could see his jaw lock tightly.

I could've just shut my mouth but I made him lose it.

"You heard me right bro I will !" I answered.

Before I could realise he slapped me hard. Tears fell down my cheek in pain. Heat went rising up my nerves. I didn't regret saying any of it now. I gave him a stern look.

He remained shocked and frozen, I guess he realized what he had done.

The door bell rang and Zayn was brought back to his senses.

"Get the door Y/n!" He whispered as he pulled out a gun from the drawer.

I cautiously opened the door and there she was - my mom and Shawn, my younger brother.

"Lol..Chill It's just us!" He exclaimed when he saw Zayn with a gun. He was handsome I must admit. He's more like the jester of the family, he was just in a word nothing but adorable.

He walked towards  me and planted a wet kiss on my cheek.

"Ew, Shawn don't do that!" I said , rubbing it off with my hand.

"What?! I am showing my love to my one and only sista!" He protested.

He pulled off my hood and noticed the bruise Zayn had caused with his slap. My mom came towards me and stroked my cheek.

"Who did this to you Honey?" She asked. I glanced over at Zayn from over her shoulder. He looked really sorry. So I lied to her that it was a frostbite. She looked convinced.

At least I guessed she was.

She turned to face Zayn and said, "You three go wash up for dinner while I feed Jaxon alright?"

My mom was the most powerful woman dictator of all time. No matter how big you grow, you had to listen to her. I liked that aspect in her. She was the one I looked up to. All our good looks were from her.

Zayn's Pov

I realised what I had done. I shouldn't have slapped her. I could've spoken to her calmly and let her go this time. But she needs to stop doing this.

Y/n was going towards the kitchen when I caught her arm and drew her into a tight hug.

"I'm sorry Y/n." I whispered and I knew she would understand the latter part.

Shawn came out of his room, rubbing a towel over his head and bare chest. He looked at us and came running, wrapping his arms around me and Y/n.

"Your cold idiot!" She chuckled.

Shawn smiled and pulled mom in who was about to take the last bite of the chocolate filled fudge cake.

"Oh... it's alright." She said and smiled.

"What about me?!" Jaxon screamed from behind us.

We all broke out in laughter.

Shawn picked Jaxon off the ground and tickled him hard.

I wish it could always be like this, together without anyone intruding us, our happiness....

So finally the first chapter of my dream.
Hope you guys enjoy it!!😘😘

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