Chapter Eight

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Your pov

Ok, the eggs go into the batter and then....oh wait! First I need to make the batter. Oh gosh this way harder than I thought.

Jaxon stared at me and laughed.

"Come, here Jay!" I called Jaxon, he came to me immediately.

"Could you go see if Justin is okay? And ask him if he needs anything. Aright?" I said, cause I didn't want him to starve and I also wanted to make sure that he was doing fine.

Jaxon quickly ran upstairs with small steps.

I turned around to look at the mess that I made. There were eggs on the slab, on the stove and on the ground. Oh God! When am I going to learn how to cook properly?

Justin's pov

I slept in my bed gazing for along time. I was bored. I decided to go check on Y/n. Did she make the pancakes cause I was really hungry.

Just then a little fella came in. I wondered who he was. I sat up straight as he moved closer.

"Hey, Justin." He said with a smile.

"Hey there bro. Do I know you?" I said as I pulled him towards to me by his hand.

"I'm Y/n's brother, Jaxon. She asked me to see if your okay. And do you want anything else except for pancakes." He made a silly face while he spoke.

"Oh! Jaxon, so what did she do down there?" I giggled.

"Believe me bro, you wouldn't want to see!" He squeaked.

Just then, we heard a loud noise made by a utensil go off.

"What was that?!" Jaxon smiled.

"Let's go check." I said and took Jaxon downstairs with me.

"Hahahhaha....... this must be a snowman." Jaxon laughed.

Y/n was covered with flour completely. She looked cute though.

"I'm sorry, I tried to make pancakes and I messed up a bit." She apologized.

"You know what this is a memory with a friend. So I'm gonna capture it." I said playfully and pulled out my phone and faced it towards her.

She came running and tried to grab my phone.

"You're so dead! Justin...! Come back here!" She chuckled loudly.

"Not until I take a picture!" I smirked.

"Go! Justin!!" Jaxon screamed with laughter.

"Justin! Please!" She said in a sweet voice. She chased me into another room.

"Babe, keep talking." I said with a pout.

I ran into the corner of the room and there was no way out.

"Justin, give me the phone!" She smiled, panting hard.

"Why should I? It's mine." I protested.

"Then, promise me you won't take a picture of me."

"I can't do that." I smirked. She smiled and inched closer to me. I felt nervous now. She looked at me lustfully and placed her hands around my neck. She was manipulating me.She took my hand placed it on her waist and brought her body close to mine. She closed her eyes and I shut mine too.

I gave in and placed both my hands around her waist and pulled her towards me. Then suddenly she caught my hand and took the phone out of it!

"Gotcha! Justin!" She giggled.

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