Chapter Six

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Justin's pov

I sat up from my bed, my neck hurt a lot. Cam came in with a lovely smile on her face.

"So, how's my Bieber?" She asked and sat next to me.

"Fine babe, I couldn't be better. So..Scoot's gone?" I asked, while I massaged the back of my neck.

"Yup, and what do you want for breakfast? Eggs and sandwich?" She smiled.

"No! Not sandwiches again!" I laughed.

"Ok, I'll make pancakes and I guess someone wants to meet you. Come in Y/n!" She said.

I saw the door open and saw Y/n come in.
She was in a black t-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans and her hair lay over her shoulders. She folded her sleeves which made her look like me a bit.

She looked really pretty. I guess I was fallin...What?! No! I wasn't.

"How are you now Justin?" She asked and squeezed my hand in concern. She stared into my eyes. I looked away cause those glittery eyes brought me butterflies.

"Ya kinda. How about you?" I asked and tried not to look at her.

"I'm totally fine. I'm so sorry for getting you hurt by that jerk. Please forgive me." She pleaded.

"You don't have to! I just wanted to be there for you." I said and realised what I said and blushed.

"I mean anyone in trouble. You know?" I assured her.

"That's ok." She said and smiled.

"Ok guys! I'll leave you people here and get with the breakfast." Can said from behind.

"Wait Camilla! Didn't you wanna go out today?" Y/n asked Cam.

"Yeah, but my stupid brother is hurt right?" She giggled.

"If you don't mind, can I ask you something?" She said hesitantly.

Cam nodded to hear what Y/n was about say.

"Would you like to go with my brother? He was going out for skiing anyway. So...." She said.

"Is it Zayn? Or.." Cam asked.

"No, actually Zayn won't be coming so it's Shawn my younger brother." She giggled.

She looked so cute when she did that.

"How many brothers do you have?!" I asked sarcastically.

"I have three brothers. Zayn, the eldest; Shawn is after me and the youngest Jaxon." She smiled.

"You have a younger one too?" Cam squeaked.

"Yes, so will you go?"

"Sure, let me get Justin some breakfast first or else he'll starve!" Cam winked.

"Let me handle it, you go and get dressed I'll call my bro. He'll be here till you get ready." Y/n said as she placed my hand gently next to her thigh.

"Thanks a lot Y/n!" She screamed and slammed the door behind her.

I observed her keenly as she tried to place her in proportion to the other side, her beautiful [colour] eyes and her smile that made me tingle.

"Justin..? I'll go get breakfast for you." She said and got up and disappeared like the wind.

Why didn't she stay I needed her to make me feel better. What the hell! No! Justin stop falling for that girl. For goodness sake, she shot a guy yesterday!

What? She did it to protect herself.

Wait, Did she know how to make pancakes?!

Your pov

Why did you have to say that you'll make him breakfast? I didn't know how to make pancakes!
That's ok, YouTube will help me cook and Siri on my iPhone will get me the recipe. Let's do this!

I quickly dialed Shawn. He picked up immediately.

"Hey Sissy, what's up?" He asked in a lazy voice.

"Can you come over to Justin's house. I need you to do something for me. Will you?"

"It depends on that 'something'. " He chuckled.

"Fine, Can you take Camilla out to skii with you?" I hesitated.

He didn't answer anything. Oh gosh! Shawn please understand she's just wants to enjoy.... I thought.

"Is..she....Camilla Cabello?" He stammered.

"Yes she is! And why would you ask me that?"

"Sis, are you saying that I have to take Camilla Cabello out? I'm freaking out right now. You know what? Thank you so much! You're the best! I love you so much. I love her so...." He paused.

"What did you just say?" I asked playfully.

"Nothing. So when should I come? Right now?"

"Right away!" I realised that Jaxon's gonna be all alone at home cause Zayn left to meet his friends.

"And ya get Jaxon here. I don't want him to be all by himself." I said.

"Sure, I'll get him. We'll be there in 10." He said and hung up.

So pancakes huh? Shouldn't be so hard to make.
I asked Siri for the first time on my iPhone.
"Siri, how to make a pancake?" I laughed.

"Here is the recipe." Siri said in an amazing voice.

I quickly went to the kitchen and started collecting the necessary things.

Camilla's pov

I wore a white short dress and a fancy snow coat over it. I quickly put my boots, my gloves and a purple scarf around my neck. I put light make up and ran down with my skiis.

I saw Y/n in the kitchen, she was so enthusiastic about making the pancakes. Just then, I saw someone come in.

He wore a white t-shirt and a black leather jacket over it with regular black jeans to go perfectly with his physique. He had black shades on and his hair went up and down as he made his way in with a toddler who looked no less than him.

"Hey...Shawn! Jaxon!" Y/n screamed and hugged them both.

Shawn looked totally like Tom Cruise. I must admit  Y/n had a really attractive brother like her.

"So, Camilla this is Shawn and that is Jaxon." She said. And turned towards them both and said,"And she's Camilla Cabello."

"As if I don't know!" Shawn protested.

I giggled a bit.

"So, how's Justin?" He asked with concern.

"He's taking rest. He's fine." Y/n said and smiled.

Just then, Jaxon came to me, took my hand and kissed it gently.

"Shaw, says that if a I ever see a girl who's pretty I should go and kiss her hand. So you're pretty ma'am." He said like a gentleman and pulled back.

I blushed and looked at Shawn, who blushed too. I pecked Jaxon on his cheek. He quickly walked towards Y/n and stood next to her with a smile.

"So are you ready?" Shawn asked me nervously.

"Sure...!" I said and we both walked out of the house. Y/n waved at us from the window and Shawn gave her why-do-you-have-to-embarrass-me expression. Y/n laughed and winked at me.

We both got into the Black Mercedes and rode off.


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