Chapter Three

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Caution: This chapter is long due to my exams. So hope guys like it.

Your pov

"Fifty thousand and that's it!" Zayn banged on the desk.

"I don't need your pity on me," he said and placed his gun on the table and gazed at me for a while when Zayn cut him off sharply.

"How much do you want then?" Zayn asked as he shifted his chair right across him and me.

"Well I'm thinking of a good bargain dude, but you seem to be too protective of the things around you."

He smiled and stared at me with his Prussian blue eyes.

"You dare do it again!" Zayn screamed and pushed the table down. He clenched his fists and charged towards Dunston in anger.

"EASY! Boy..." He laughed.

Dunston  Johnson, is a 21 year old mafia, who's been ruling the underworld for four years now. You heard me. Four years!

He started off when he was 17. And there is no Hercules in the whole of America  who could win over him. He is lean but extremely strong. He looks like the badass but is a jerk for me.

"Fine, we're done." Zayn scoffed and grabbed the suitcase from my hand and pushed it into Dunston's chest ripping his white shirt off, exposing his dragon tattoo.

Zayn rushed out in anger, banging the glass door behind his back.

I couldn't help but stare at  the beautifully done artwork.
He caught me staring at him and smirked.

"I..just..I didn't mean to.."

"That's ok Y/n, you know what this isn't just a tattoo it has a story behind it." He gasped.

He paused for a moment. And I was literally shocked he never spoke like this before. He seemed to be sad about something, his voice sounded like he had some pain in his heart.

All he ever did was scream, curse and kill those who mistreated or even dared to look at him in the eye.
He even killed an American police officer just because he said the Dunston didn't have the right to live. and the one I was talking to right now didn't seem like him at all.

"It's alright, you don't have to tell me I was leaving anyway." I said nervously as I had sensed some awkward vibe between us. I picked up my gun from the table and slid into my backpack.

"Y/n..? Could we exchange numbers I mean if you don't mind. I have something to discuss about our next plan. It's quite interesting." He said scratching the back of his head, blushing probably. His eyes were gorgeous and his platinum coloured hair glistened in the light of the dawning sun.

Thank goodness! Zayn wasn't here or else I would have witnessed bloodshed.He didn't look like he was being the Boss or something. If someone else would have seen him like this all shy and blushing no would ever believe that he murdered over hundreds.

I knew just what to say, but my heart thumped at the thought of having his number on my contacts list.

He might be innocent in asking me for it, but he is DUNSTON!..Right?

"Sure, just tell me your number." I asked while  trying not to make an eye contact with him.

"It's...." He said with a much lowered voice.

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