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Christopher BrownToday I didn't have anything scheduled so I got a chance to hang out with boys

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Christopher Brown
Today I didn't have anything scheduled so I got a chance to hang out with boys. I really enjoy days like this. I ain't pretending to be somebody I'm not, I ain't around a bunch of people that I don't know. I get to be myself. I get to be comfortable.

Pulling up to a sports bar downtown, I jumped out of my car, passed the keys to valet and headed inside. Once I got inside, I glanced around for my big head ass friends.

"Ayyye!" Trey loud mouth ass said from across the room, causing everybody to look at him.

Shaking my head, I walked over to where all the commotion came from. There sat Trey, TJ, Mijo, Sean, and Sinko. We all did our handshake then I sat down. These have been my brothers since high school.

"Well if it isn't Hugh Hefner, himself." Mijo said.

"Shut up man." I picked up one of the closed beers off the table.

"Aye Chris you hiring? I think I wanna escort some hoes around too." Trey said.

"Naw nigga, I'm not hiring."

"Why you so defensive? The man just asked for a job." Sean said. "We all just wanna ride around in Ferrari's like you."

"Well y'all got good jobs so you good."

"You've always been a hoe since I've known you, but you turned that shit into a career. I admire that." Trey said before laughing.

"First of all, Fuck all of y'all. Why we gotta do this shit every time I come around y'all stupid asses?"

"Cause yo job description is funny as fuck!" Sinko said.

"But my bank account ain't, broke ass nigga!"

"Damn Sinko, you might as well stop talking now my nigga." TJ patted his shoulder.

"Yeah, I agree." I said I while drinking from my bottle.

"You know we just be messing with you C. You out here making money and that's all that matters bro." Sinko spoke up.

"I ain't ashamed about what I do, y'all little jokes don't bother me at all."

"We hear you." Trey slapped my arm. "So, ya boy Birthday coming up and I'm shutting the whole city down. This night about to be so wild you gone have to record it cause I promise you gone be too lit to remember it. All of the baddest bitches in the city will be there. Chris you might wanna be careful because I'm sure we're going to run into a few of your clients."

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