Amy's POV

I walk up to Emily, fold my arms and give her a nasty look. "Why are you here?"

"Because I'm allowed to be..."

"No you're not! You're a scummy piece of nothing. If I could kill you with my bear hands.." Before I could continue, a gleam from Emily's eyes caught me off guard. I looked up at Emily,who seemed to be at least a feet taller than me, and was surprised to see a face of sadness. "What? Can't take the heat princess?"


She continued to just look at me aimlessly. I smirked, deviously. Curiosity took over because she asked, "what's all the smiling about?"

"Nothing. Where is he?" I shrugged.

"Who? Allen?"

"No, Jesus. Yes Allen.."

"I was gonna ask you that question..." Something caught her eye and as I turned to chase her vision, Allen emerged from the back yard. "Ryan?" whispered Emily.

"You know him?"

"Yes..." She looked to the ground in what I would take as panic.

"Emily?" My brothers voiced cracked.

Her head flew up and her breath became less easy.
"Oh, cut the act! I know you two have been seeing each other!"

"What?" They gasp In unison.

"I'm not blind or dumb.." I hear a door car slam and Ryan walks this way. Before he's even halfway up the stairs, he exclaims, "Em?" With wide eyes.

"Ryan! Hey! I thought that was you!" They hug and laugh like old friends would. Me and Allen, who are both annoyed, just look in anger. How the hell did they know each other. Ryan's eyes jump up to mine, but he turns away quickly.

"You guys know each other? How?" Anxiousness rings in Allen's voice.

"We.. Um.. Used to..." Shuddered Emily.

"Date." Finished Ryan. He smirked, smugly, as his eyes landed on me. Allen had red ears, which is how I could tell he was tense.

"Oh." I huffed out, staring at the ground. Ryan grabbed my arm, and dragged me towards the backyard. When we seem to be where he wanted to be, I snatched my arm away.

"It was a long time ago. I mean a long time ago..." He explained.

"She's scum. You shouldn't associate yourself with her." I walked away, and he followed slowly behind.

We didn't see Allen and Emily where we had left them, so I guessed that they went to have a conversation on the topic of Ryan.


"You excited to be a mum?" Asked Lewis who I hadn't talk to for a while. I expected him to hate my guts after our break up, but he still loved me, and treated me as he did before.

"Sure." I snapped, annoyed by his loving tone.

"I just care. No need to get snappy, princess..."


"Why what?"

"Why do you care?"

"Because you're still the girl I met 17 years ago."


"Have you talked to Ryan?"

"Yeah. He's here actually..."

"Oh," nervousness seeped through his voice and I could tell he was bothered.

"I'll talk to you later..."

"K. Love ya chica!" My heart skipped a beat; I could hear his smile, an odd smile from the sound of it, on the other end.

"I talked to Lewis." I mumbled to Ryan. He gave me his full attention as if expecting me to break down in tears or something.

"Really?" His eyes sagged with sadness and I gave him an odd look. His face straightened and he said, "Oh. Good."


Lewis' POV

I had to tell her, before Ryan did. Allen had a problem and I had to tell her before I lost myself in the lies. Amy meant the world, even if I'm her second choice. Ryan promised to keep it a secret, but he can't be trusted. He would do anything to over shadow me anyway.

Allen's POV

Emily and Ryan had dated. He just can't keep it to himself, can he? I took another bite of my sub and grumbled at the feeling of Emily's eyes. They hadn't moved from my face since we sat down in Subway for lunch.



"Can you at least look at me? I'm sorry. I had no idea that when you said your sister was dating a guy named Ryan that it would be my ex! Beside, that's old news!" She bit into her sandwich in frustration.

I grabbed her hand, and cupped it with my own. Looking her square in the face, I said, "You're. So. Stupid. I can't believe you'd actually think I'd believe that! I bet you even told Amy about us seeing each other."

"Excuse me. First of all, I told her nothing since we both agreed to not tell her! You saw, and heard, her reaction! And second of all, I don't know what the hell your problem is, but don't turn out like a few other people we know!" She said, standing up. People stared in our direction, but no one seemed to care. "Until you get your act right, don't call me."

I let her go. She's not the type of person I need to be with at a time like this.

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