Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

I woke up in the morning at about 9:30. I didn't really have bad jet lag because at home, my sleeping patterns were messed up anyways, being in Australia sort of fixed it. I took a shower, brushed my hair, got dressed and applied a bit of makeup. I collected all of my items that I had laid out the day before and went down to the lobby. I checked out and went to my new apartment. I had two bedrooms to choose from, I obviously picked the bigger one. I once again set out my few belongings. I had mentally planned today out. I was going to buy a car then go shopping for clothes seeing as how I only packed 4 outfits. I locked up my apartment and went downstairs. I walked through the lobby and outdoors. Today was a nice day. Not to warm and not to chilly. I took the bus to a car lot that I searched up earlier. When I got there I saw row after row of cars lined up. After I walked through the rows for a while I saw a car that stood out to me in particular. I was a nice black car. It wasn't too fancy but it wasn't too dull either.

"Hello, miss. May I help you?" A man said to me. He was dressed in a fancy suit and he had a name tag that read 'Ron'

"Yes I'd like to purchase this car" I said pointing to the one I liked.

"Great choice, please follow me" He said as he gestured for me to walk with him.

*After all the paperwork and unimportant car purchasing stuff*

I drove out of the car park with my brand new ride. It was smooth and I loved it. When I got to a red light I set the GPS to a mall so I could go buy some clothes. Once I arrived at the mall I parked my car and walked in. The mall was big! Not as big as the malls in LA but it was still pretty big. The first store I went to was topshop. I bought three huge bags full of clothes from there and I continued going from store to store. After a few hours and a LOT of money spent I was starving and really needed something to eat. I went to food court. I decided once again on mcdonalds and I also figured out that in austalia they call it 'maccas', weird. I lined up to order my food. They handed me a bag with my food on it and I went to sit down. I opened the bag and relized that I didn't get what I ordered. Right away I went back to sort things out when I got there I overheard a boy, about my age saying he didn't get what he ordered aswell.

"Exuse me" I said to the boy while tapping him on the shoulder. He turned around. He looked strangely farmiliar.

"Yeah" He said with a questioning look on his face.

"I think our orders got mixed up. I think I have yours" I said showing him the bag full of food in my hand.

"Oh, I think so" He said with an embarrassed smile. He took the bag from my hand and in return he gave me mine. He still looked extremely familiar but I couldn't quite remember where I had seen him before.

"My names Daniel" He said. Right after he said that I realized who he was. He was my cousin!

"Daniel? It's me Alexa! Remember when we were 11 you came to America to visit us!" I almost screamed at him in excitement!

"Oh my god! I was wondering why you looked so familiar! Alexa, I've missed you!" He said as he pulled me in for a hug.

We sat down together at a table and chatted about how our lives have been over the years. He is part of a group of boys on youtube who do pranks and stuff, they're called the janoksians. He said I should come with him to film a video sometimes, and then I could meet his friends. We exchanged numbers after about an hour of catching up. Then we went our separate ways. It surprised me that he never asked why I was in Melbourne but then again he always was a little bit dopey.

I drove back to my apartment with my numerous amount of new clothing item, I ended up with 19 new shirts, 7 pairs of shorts, 10 pairs of pants, 9 pairs of leggings, 8 skirts, 15 dresses, 10 pairs of shoes and HEAPS of accessories! . I threw most of the new clothing into the wash, and then I put them in the giant walk in closet in my room. After that it was getting late so I got caught up on all my social media sites. I found Daniel on twitter and followed him. He followed back too! I'm glad I know someone here now and he could help me make some friends! Now, I was really sleepy so I decided to head to sleep at about 11:45. I went to sleep hopeful and exited for the days to come.

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