Fate Took Me To You- About Alexa

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About Alexa:

Hi, my names Alexandra, Alexa or Alex for short. I live in LA with my parents. I'm adventurous, caring and a bit stubborn. I have long curly brown hair and light brown eyes. My style varies, somedays I dress extremely girly and others I dress really chill and laid back. I guess it depends how I'm feeling. My parents are both actors and are hardly ever around. I guess you could say I'm neglected by them. I've basically grown up with nanny after nanny after nanny. They never stayed around for long because I was a bit of a handful when I was younger. I've had a total of 34 nannies which, I am oddly proud of! Now that I'm older I take care of myself. I still life in my parents house, but it might as well be mine since I'm the only one that lives in it.

Authors Note: If you want to know anything else about Alexa, you can ask me in the comments :)

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