Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

I woke up to someone breathing lightly on the back of my neck. There was an arm tightly wrapped around my waist and I could see a bit of sunlight coming through the curtains. All at once I remembered where I was and why I was here. I fell asleep last night on the couch with Luke. I guess all the other boys went to sleep elsewhere because they were nowhere in sight. I picked my phone of the floor, trying not to wake up Luke. His grip on me was very tight and there was no way I was going to get loose so I decided just to wait until he wakes up, I was comfortable anyways. It felt nice having someone so close, it felt like they really care and love you. I've never had anyone like that nor have I been in this position before, I wanted to make this last as long as I could. I checked my phone for the time and I noticed I had loads of notifications from twitter. I quickly opened the twitter app to figure out why I had the notifications. It turns out Daniel and Beau both tweeted a picture of me and Luke sleeping together and tagged me in it! I had questions from girls asking 'are you dating' and 'have you done it'. They were very straight forward. I had also gained thousands of new followers. I figured I should send out a tweet to address the rumors

"Luke and I are not dating. We just fell asleep like that, nothing else happened. "As soon as I sent it, I had loads of replies saying all kinds of things like "Aww, too bad, you guys look cute together", "I ship it #LUXA" and "Thank god! I almost had a heart attack!" I read most of the replies and only few were hate. I never really got a good look at the photo so I thought I would take a second look. I opened the photo and realized how cute we actually do look together. This photo gave me butterflies; I was definitely falling for Luke.

"That's cute" I jumped and turned my head to see a sleepy looking Luke, I guess he seen the picture from over my shoulder.

"You're cute" I said before even thinking about it, kinda like word vomit. Right away I started to blush and to avoid Luke seeing me blush once again, I stood up and made my way to the kitchen to get a glass of water, I didn't even let him reply. I grabbed a cup out of the cupboard and filled it with water. I heard some rustling and movement coming from the living room, probably Luke getting up. I was right; Luke made his way into the kitchen and sat at the table.

"You know, you're pretty cute yourself" Luke said with a smirk which made my blush go shades darker.

"I sure know how to make you blush, don't I?" Luke said with a wink

"Like no other" I said winking back.

"You want some breakfast?" He asked me as he stood up and walked toward a pantry.

"What do you have?" I was starving and I would probably take whatever they had.

"How are cocopuffs?" he asked as he pulled out the box.

"I love cocopuffs! They were always my favorite cereal but I was never allowed to have them!" I said a bit too excited for cereal.

"Why weren't you ever allowed them?" Luke asked as he grabbed two bowls

"My parents were health freak and they strictly told all 34 of my nannies that I couldn't have them" I said a bit too proudly

"34 nannies? At once?" Luke asked with wide eyes.

"No, no, over about 15 years." I said with a smile

"Oh, must have been a rebel" I nodded and began to eat the cocopuffs that Luke had place in front of me.

"So where are your parents?" Luke asked in between bites of his cereal. I shrugged

"I lost track, they're always all over the place" I said with a straight tone

"What do they do for a living?" Luke asked

"They're actors, both of them. Jonathon and Michelle Lena, heard of them?" I asked already knowing the answer, pretty much everyone has heard of them. I looked over at Luke, his eyes were wide his mouth was slightly open.

"I guess you have" I said with a bit of a laugh. He closed his mouth and cleared his voice.

"That's so cool! You must get to travel with them load!" Luke said. I just looked back down at my cereal and shook my head.

"I haven't seen them in months and when I do see them it's only at the airport for a while when they are switching flights. I never get to travel with them because they're always working." I felt the tears coming up that I've held back for so long.

"You know, it was my birthday last week. Not even a call." Tears slowly started to fall down my cheeks.

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to-"Luke began

"It's fine, Luke. It's good that I've told you, I've never really talked to anybody about my parents before. Daniel knows my parents are famous but he doesn't know how neglected I am." I said as I wiped the tears from my cheeks. Luke stood up and wrapped his arms around me. I rested my head on his chest. His smell was relaxing. We stood there like that for what seemed like forever, I didn't want to leave his warmth. I heard someone coming down the stairs, Beau and Daniel burst through the doors to the kitchen. Luke stepped back and I immediately felt cold and missed his warmth.

"Good morning, love birds" Beau said with a wink

"Hope you used protection last night" Daniel added in with a smirk. I felt my cheeks getting hot. I don't know why, nothing happened.

"Nothing happened last night, all we did was sleep" Luke shot back. He sat back in his seat and continued to eat his cocopuffs. Daniel and Beau both got their own bowl of cereal and joined us at the table. About 10 minutes later Jai joined us for breakfast. We just chatted about random things.

"So what are we doing today" Jai asked

"Well I have to do groceries. I moved into a new apartment and I have no food what-so-ever" I said. The boys just sighed

"That's boring" Beau said

"You don't have to come, I was just saying" I said shrugging my shoulders.

"I can come" Luke chimed in

"Are you sure, you don't seem like the kind of person that would like doing groceries.

"It'll be fun!" He said with a smile. I just nodded my head. I guess he could be some help, considering I don't know where any grocery stores are.

"Well we can leave in half an hour; I have to go to my apartment first. I have a car so we can use that, we just need someone to drop us of at mine"

"I can" Beau said with his mouth full

"Okay, sounds good, I'll go get changed" Luke said while standing up and placing his bowl in the sink.

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