Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

"Thanks for the ride Beau" I said as I stepped out of the car with Luke.

"No problem" He replied. I closed the door and he started the car. He pulled out and Luke and I waved. When Beau was out of sight Luke grabbed my hand, startling me.

"So, you gunna lead the way?" He asked. I pulled him along, through the lobby, to the elevator and into my apartment.

"Wow, this is such a nice place! I wouldn't mind living here!" Luke said as he looked around I awe.

"You could if you want, I've got loads of room" I offered, I figured it would be nice to have a room mate.

"Really? That would be amazing! Are you sure?" Luke replied, looking at me

"Yeah, for sure, free of charge too! You can move in whenever" I said with a huge smile plastered on my face. I grabbed his arm and pulled him to the extra bedroom. He looked around then jumped onto the bed.

"Well this is a huge upgrade from sharing a room with Jai" He said while laughing. I walked over to the bed and sat on the edge. He sat up and pulled me in for a tight hug. He pulled me on the bed and lied on top of me, still hugging me while screaming 'thank you' over and over again

"Lu-Luke, you're..." I managed to get out through laughs. He put his hands on each side of the bed near my shoulders. He was now hovering over me. We were both looking each other in the eyes. He started to lean and so did I. Was I really going to kiss Luke? I can't believe this is happening! Our lips collided and I felt instant sparks, our lip moved in sync and I had butterflies in my stomach! Luke licked my bottom lip, asking for entry which, I gladly gave to him. This was one of the best kisses I have ever had in my life. He was passionate and I loved every second of it. We both pulled away, gasping for air. Once we caught our breath we both just sort of looked at each other and giggled, taking in what just happened. After a couple of minutes Luke was still hovering over me, he looked like he was going to say something but before he could I spoke up.

"Umm... Luke, I have to go get ready so we can go shopping." He frowned a bit and got off of me. I sat up and straightened myself out.

"I shouldn't be long; you can watch some tv or go on my macbook." He nodded his head. I walked to my room and gathered some clothes and a towel. I took a shower in the bathroom attached to my room and got dressed in a pair of high waisted pink shorts and a tight white crop top with a picture of a daisy on the front. I walked out of my room and brushed my hair. I let it air dry since I forgot to bring my hair dryer and I didn't buy one yet. I didn't apply makeup because we were only going food shopping. I went to look for Luke. He was sitting in the kitchen on my macbook. He heard me coming and looked up, his face lite up

"You look beautiful, Alexa. I like how you're not wearing any makeup" I blushed (I can't help it)

"Thank you, are you ready to go?" I asked while grabbing my purse and car keys. Luke nodded and stood up. He followed behind me as I exited the apartment. We went downstairs and go in the car. Luke instructed me were to go and we eventually got to the store after a few wrong turns. The shopping trip was pretty normal and boring. The highlight was when Luke accidentally hit a pyramid of cans with the shopping cart, making all the cans fall to the ground! The manager got super angry and made Luke fix all the cans, I just watched and laughed! After we were finished shopping we went back to the apartment and put all the food away. We decided Luke would stay at his own house tonight then he would move into mine tomorrow. He still needs to tell his mum and brothers. My apartment is only a 10 minute drive from his house or a 20 minute walk so it's not that far, they can visit whenever. Luke said his mum would be fine with it and I hope she will be because I was starting to really like having Luke as company. Luke and I exchanged numbers then I dropped him off at his house. I went home and ate some frozen pizza because I was too lazy to make anything else for supper. I went on my macbook and noticed I had more followers and a lot of notifications again, Luke had given me a shout-out and he had also made a tweet on my account, a "hack", it read:

"Luke is the best guy ever, I love him so much!! <3 X."

Luke had also retweeted it. I laughed at all the replies it got and followed some people who said they were 'dying for a follow' which is weird because I usually don't get messages like this. I was on twitter for hours until I decided I should get some rest since I'll be helping Luke move in the morning. I grabbed my phone and headed to bed.

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