Chapter 2

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Chapter Two

The butterflies were back again, I felt nervous, happy and excited all at once, also a bit of relieve because now I know where I'm going. Melbourne, I think I've heard of it. I bought my plane ticket and sorted my way through the airport. While I was waiting for my flight to leave I went to Starbucks. I bought a hot chocolate (my favorite) and I did a little research on Melbourne. It seems nice. I found a couple of apartments that seem ok but I'll still have to look into it more. The first couple nights, I plan on staying in a hotel until I find the perfect place to stay, it should be fun, I hope!

"Flight 182 to Melbourne, Australia is departing in 30 minutes" I heard a booming voice over the intercom. I got up, and made my way to the terminal. I boarded and took my seat right away. I read earlier that the flight should take about 15 hours. I got as comfortable as I could. Right as soon as the flight took of I felt my eyelids getting heavier. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

"Excuse me, miss, the flight has landed" My eyes fluttered open to see one of the flight attendants nudging me slightly. I can't believe I slept the whole flight. I smiled slightly at the attendant.

"Thank you" I replied while picking up my bag and exiting the plane. My legs felt funny from the long flight so right after I got off the plane I found a place to sit down and eat, I was starving anyways. I chose McDonalds because it was the nearest and I did have a bit of a craving for their chicken nuggets. After I was finished I asked a lady at costumer service where I could find the nearest hotel she gave me an address. I thanked her and left the hotel, to find a taxi. I did the same as I did with the last taxi driver, told him where to go then tipped him $20. I checked in at the hotel and made my way to my room. The hotel was amazing. When I opened the door to my room I was completely in awe. It was beautiful. I made my way to the huge king sized bed and jumped right onto it, not carefully at all. I emptied the couple of outfits I had into the closet that was near the entrance of the room and I set up the few pictures I had on the nightstand near the bed. It was currently around noon and I decided I would call up some of the places for the apartments. After about an hour or so, I had arranged to go see one of the apartments. I saw some pictures of it on the internet and it looked absolutely stunning. I grabbed my bag that still had my wallet, money, phone and I.D. in it exited my room. I went down to the lobby and asked the man at the front desk to call me a taxi. I once again followed my regular routine, told the guy where to go then tipped him $20. I looked up and down at the apartment. It wasn't too high but it wasn't short either. I walked inside and there was a front desk right near the door. I rang the little bell and out walked a man from the door behind the desk.

"Hello my name is George, how can I help you?" He had a welcoming look on his face. He looked in about his mid 40's. He had brown hair with a bit of grey mixed in and he had green eyes. I could already tell that he was a nice man.

"Hello, my names Alexa. I called earlier about getting a tour of one of your apartments." I said politely with a smile.

"Ah, yes Alexa. I remember. Well, would you like to go on up now?" He asked

"Yes, please" I responded a bit anxious to see how the apartment looked.

He led the way upstairs and opened to door. It was just like in the pictures I seen. It was modern and beautiful. I knew right away that this was the apartment I wanted. It was a fully furnished apartment with two bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, a good sized kitchen and a huge living room. It was amazing.

"I love it" I sad right as George was finished with the small tour.

"Does that mean you'll take it?" He questioned me with a smile on his face. With no hesitations I nodded my head. He showed me the papers and we chatted about the monthly costs. We decided on a good price and I signed the paperwork. I could move in whenever I wanted. I didn't think I would find an apartment this quickly but I'm glad I did. It was getting late so I went back to the hotel. I figured since I already paid for the hotel I would spend the night there but I would check out right in the morning and move to my apartment. I laid down in my bed and wondered what the future hold and slowly drifted off to sleep.

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