Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

I awoke once again to another text message. It seems like I never get to sleep in anymore! This time it was a message from Luke.

"My mum wants to meet you today and have a 'little talk' with you. Probably just wants to make sure I'm not moving in with a murderer. Come by soon? -Luke x."

He sent an x at the end! Probably doesn't mean anything or maybe he sent it my accident. Last night I could sleep. All I could think about was our kiss, like did it mean anything? I think I'm really am starting to fall for Luke and I haven't even know him for long! After what seemed like forever, trying to think of a reply I came up with:

"Should I be nervous? :P lol. Anyways, I'll be by in about an hour. Did you pack stuff or do I have to help you with everything? -Alexa x."

I copied his little x at the end.As I sent the messageI got out of bed and made my way to the shower. I did all the necessary things and got out. I went back into my room to see I had a new message.

"No need to be nervous, I'm sure she'll love you! I sort of packed stuff... -Luke xx"

Two kisses. He sent two kisses. He must be teasing me; well two can play at that.

"ok... what does sort of mean? -Alexa xxx."

He texted back, almost seconds later

"Meaning not at all -Luke xxxxx."

Five kisses.

"What's with all the kisses?" I sent back.

No reply. I waited for about five minutes then continued to get ready. I brushed my hair out and had to leave it natural, I really need to buy a hair dryer! I applied a bit of makeup because I wanted to give off a good impression when I met Luke's mum and I got dressed in a cream coloured flowy peplum styled shirt from topshop and a pair of distressed denim shorts. I matched them with a pair of white low top converse and my tiffany and co necklace with the infinity sign of it. I dressed casual because I knew I would be moving around a lot, helping Luke. I checked my phone and still had no reply from Luke. Maybe he got busy? It was now 10:20 and I decided I should get a move on. I grabbed my purse and locked up my apartment. I went down to my car and drove to Lukes, stopping for breakfast at Starbucks and I got an extra coffee and pastry for Lukes mum. When I got to their house Beau's little silver car was parked in the drive way so I just parked on the side of the road. I got out of my car and went to the door and rang the doorbell. I heard shuffling and then the door open, revealing a messy haired Luke in a pair of black skinny jeans and a grey shirt, I have to admit, he looked pretty hot.

"Hey Alexa!" He said cheerfully. "Come in" He gestured for me to go in. I did and he shut the door behind me. He lead me to the kitchen where I seen a petit women with dark brown hair and welcoming eyes.

"Oh! You must be Alexa! My name's Gina! Luke hasn't stopped talking about you since he met you!" I shot Luke a quick smile and he began to blush. I looked back at Gina and said a cheery hello. She pulled me in for a hug. She already felt more like a mother than my own. She let go and stepped back, taking a look at me.

"You're even more beautiful than Luke said!" She was about to speak again but Luke interrupted her

"Okay mum, Alexa and I have to go pack!" He said while grabbing my hand and pulling me a bit. I jerked my hand free and smiled cheekily at Luke. I turned and walked back to Gina

"What else did Luke say about me?" I smiled at her.

"Well he said heaps of things like how stunning your eyes are, which they are and how you always smell nic-"Luke interrupted once again.

"Mum! I think that's really enough!" He said wide-eyed. I couldn't help but laugh a bit

"Well, Gina. I think Luke's very eager to go pack. We better go. It was nice meeting you. I bought this for you before I came over" I handed her the coffee and pastry in a bag.

"Aww you didn't have to buy me anything, you should't have!" She said with a huge smile

"It was no problem! Once again, it was nice meeting you!" I said before being pulled upstairs by Luke. He opened his bedroom door and pulled me in. He let go of my arm and sat down on the bed. I sat on the on the spinny chair near the desk.

"Soo..." He said

"You're mums really nice" I said with a smile "were all the things she said true?" I asked him. He chuckled a little bit then lied down on the bed, not answering my question.

"Where do you want to start" He asked, still not answering my question. I let it go, this time. If he really thinks those things are true then he'll tell me when he wants to, and if he doesn't think those things are true then I probably wouldn't want to hear it.

"I guess we should start with packing the most important things which are...clothes? Unless you want to wear mine" I said, making him smile.

"Yeah, totally and we could wear matching dresses too!" He said in a girly voice. I just laughed and stood up. He put out his hands, signaling me to help him up. I walked over and grabbed his hands. His touch gave me butterflies. I pulled as hard as I could and only got him half up.

"You're weak" He said jokingly. He got up all the way and stood up.

"Or maybe you're just heavy!" I shot back. He gave me a hurt expressing

"What can I do?" I asked referring to packing.

"well for starters, you could apologise for calling me heavy" He said with a smirk

"I meant packing!" I said. He gave me his best puppy dog face. God is he adorable, I had to say sorry.

"I'm sorry for calling you heavy! Now can we start packing?" He smiled proudly

"Yeah, I guess. But first..." He smiled cheekily. "You can give me a kiss right here to prove you're sorry." He pointed to his cheek. I shook my head to say no and he pulled his puppy dog face, he got me again.

"Fine." I said making sure to sound unhappy. I steeped closer to him and stood on my toes a bit. I moved in to give him the kiss on the cheek but he moved his head, making our lips connect. He grabbed my waist and pulled me in. He deepened the kiss and licked my bottom lip, asking for entry. I gave it to him. I felt fireworks as our lips moved in sync. His hands were both placed on my waist and my hands rested on his chest. We pulled away slightly put still stayed close.

"That's better" He whispered. As he spoke and I could feel his breath on my lips, making me want to kiss him again. Moments later we heard someone cough at the door. I got startled and jumped back to see Jai leaning against the door frame with a huge smile from ear to ear on his face.

"Hope I'm not interrupting anything. I just came to see if you two needed help. The faster Luke gets moved out, the faster I can have my own room" I laughed, he seemed so happy about finally having his own room

"Well, I guess you could help" Luke said as he cleared his voice. I just nodded. We all began to pack up most of Lukes things and moved them into my car so we could drive them over to the apartment later.


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