Rocky's POV:

So, yeah... Cece said she had a surprise for me that she would unveil tonight... i can't wait... i really can't. I'm like, fucking getting horny at the thought of this surprise that she had for me. She's already tried to get in my pants. Believe me, i wanted her to, but i wanted to wait until the night time.

"Rocky, i hope you're ready for this surprise. It's going to leave you breathless. Hehe." Cece explained to me with a smirk on her face. God, she's a tease.

"What, exactly.. is this surprise you have for me?" I asked her, slightly worried.

She explained that she went to a sex shop and picked up a vibrating... um... you-know-what...

"I didn't know we had a sex shop here.." i said.

"We don't. I had to go all the way downtown just to pick this baby up. Enough talking, though... i want you. NOW." Cece said in a voice that was both scary... and hot.. the next thing that happened was her on top of me, kissing me hard, i let out a moan that would've attracted a lot of unwanted attention, but since we were alone, i moaned as loud as i could. She removed my shirt first, i let her. I didn't stop her from doing anything to me. I wanted her to do me... i needed it. She continued kissing me, and then i heard a humming sound shortly afterwards - she had turned on the sex toy. I bit my lip.

"Do it", i ordered. Cece smirked at me and removed my pants and underwear and stuck the vibrator deep inside me... fucking hell... i screamed in pleasure as it went in and out harder and harder... after a while, i released the passionate juices she was waiting for. This went on for about three hours... three glorious hours of pure ecstasy... when we finished, we embraced in a passionate make-out session. After that, we looked at each other until we fell asleep.

Needless to say... me and her? We were inseparable. Anyway, i should probably end this now. I'm too horny and out of breath to continue this vlog. Cece will be on tomorrow to describe, uhh... tonight's session. Good night.

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