Rocky's POV:

"Tie me to the bed and break my body," was the only thing i said to Cece as she walked me into her bedroom. She said she wanted to give me the same treatment i gave her in the living room, so naturally, I removed all of my clothes and sat on the bed. Cece moaned very loudly and said, "Don't tease me like that, Raquel Blue." I chuckled. That did it for her, because two seconds after i chuckled, she pounced on my body like a cat, ripping off her clothes and kissing my body up and down. I submitted myself to her as she exploring outside and inside of my body. I moaned and moaned each time Cece put her fingers in my center. "Oh, GOD..." I yelled out as she continued to fuck me hard and fast. After about two hours of sex, i was a shivering, sweaty, shaky mess... but i climaxed and it was GREAT. 

"So... how was that, babe?" Cece asked after doing the deed. We were in bed. I told her that that was so fucking amazing... I've never experienced anything like that before... I kissed her so passionately. Not a make-out session, i actually wanted to feel her lips on mine. "I love you, Cecelia Jones." I told her. 

"I love you too, Raquel Blue."

To Be Continued...

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