CeCe's POV:

Holy. Fucking. SHIT. That girl can FUCK. I've been thinking of asking her to marry me... now, I know what you're saying... 'CeCe, you can't marry her!' yada yada yada. Fuck what you think! I'm just kidding, i love you guys and I know you won't ever say that to me. Anyway, i was still horny after last night's session in the living room (mind you, we did have to clean up the um... aftermath) so i walked her into my room, which I had to redecorate twice because Flynn fucking keeps messing it up. 

"Nice. I don't think I've seen your new room yet." Rocky said to me. I told her that was the second time i've had to redecorate since Flynn has access to my room, which means that he makes a tremendous mess whenever i'm gone out of the house. He brings his friends over and they go into my room and just violate my fucking privacy. Which they do. Rocky told me to be calm. To just tell Flynn to stay out of my room or else start walking around the house naked, humping every pillow (ok, she didn't say that last part, i was just still horny) I chuckled at that. I might just do that, Flynn!

"Anyway, how come you walked me in here?" I told her that she couldn't just fuck me and leave me horny and i couldn't do the same thing to her. She smirked and said, "Oh, really? Well, then.." She removed her clothes one by one, starting with her shirt, then her bra, followed by her pants (which she achingly removed very slowly) and finally her underwear (er, panties) then she sat at the edge of the bed, naked, and looked at me and said, "...Tie me to the bed and break my body."

To Be Continued...

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