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* Hunter's Pov *

"Danny! Danny where the fuck are you?!"

I knew where Britt and Andy stayed when they were in town. Everyone did. They were the ones that slept in abonded buildings to get drunk and high. Hell, I went there when I was 15.

Inside the building, I ran as fast as I fucking could. My kid was in here, there where fucking little innocent babies here who hadn't done fuck all to anyone. So much pressure was on me. So much pressure was on Danny. I just had to find him.

He was screaming for me on the phone. Andy had hurt him. I don't know how, but his voice had become more choked up and distant. Eventually the screaming stopped, he stopped screaming my name. And that's when it hit me that I had to find him before something even worse happened.


I ran down the stairs after hearing a crash from a lower floor. There was another flight of stairs behind a barely open door. And in front of the door, stood the bastard who I would happily kill right now.

Andy looked up at me. "Fuck,"

"Where the fuck is Danny?!" I demanded and shoved him up against the wall. Slamming a hand around his throat, I punched him in the stomach and appreciated him choking. I slapped my hand over his mouth and he spat out some blood.

"Where's Danny?!"

"Dying," he spat. "Dying with his fucking worthless kids! He's not your son, Hunter. He never will be. You'll never be his real Father. All this time he's been crying for his Dad, he didn't mean you. He meant his real fucking Dad! The one who-"

I punched him so hard his eyes rolled to the back of his head before he dropped down to his knees.

I didn't even bother watching as I ripped the door open and sprinted down the stairs. Stepping into the basement, I felt myself becoming dizzy. I couldn't take it.


He was hanging, rope tied around his neck, his feet barely touching the ground. He was wearing a shirt with an upside down cross on, and his head was dropping down. He wasn't moving. I couldn't hear breathing. I wanted to run up to him but I couldn't fucking move. I froze as I saw the babies on the floor next to Britt.

One of them..the girl, was still attatched to her. The cord was wrapped around it's neck, she was strangling just like Danny. The other one, the boy, it seemed fine. Just scared and crying and other than that, fine.

I just didn't know what to do.

If I helped Danny, the baby would die. If I helped the baby then Danny would die. I had no idea what the fuck to do!

But closing my eyes, I took a deep breath.

I ran over to Danny.

"Danny wake the fuck up," I shook him as hard as I could before grabbing the rope and working my fingers around the knot. Eventually it slipped off and Danny fell fowards into my arms. I brought him down to the floor with me, holding him close to my chest. My chin rested on his head as I pushed the hair out of his face.

"Danny," I slapped his face and shook him a few times. "Danny come on,"

I was so scared yet my voice was so quiet. I just didn't know what to do. I'd already called Chris and I hoped to God he called an ambulance or the police or just fucking someone that could help.

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