Chapter: 19 (Unedited)

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"So, you are going to confess?" Drew looked at his brother in amusement who was busy pacing in his room.

"That's right. I can't wait anymore. She almost became someone else's. I can't take that chance."

"Annnd... you'd be doing this today?"


"Bad idea."

"Yeah, I kn- What!" Carmine stopped short and looked at his brother, incredulously. 

"Bro, don't get me wrong. The idea of you two together is not hard to believe. In fact, I quite like it. But trust me when I say that doing this today would be a terrible idea. Listen to this brother. He knows girls like no one else."

"You better get to your reasoning and fast."

"Fine." Drew cleared his throat,"Look, girls are too bloody sensitive. They always overthink things and believe the worst. They are that stubborn. To be very honest, Natalie doesn't seem like the kind of girl with high self esteem. She broke up today. There's no way in hell that she'd get into a relationship this soon. At least not on the same day."


"So, you should give it some days. Test her. Who knows, she probably doesn't know if she loves you or not. You just don't want to confess, you want her love in return too."

"And test her how?"

Drew shrugged,"Make her feel jealous. Jealousy and possessiveness are the best ways to realize your feelings for someone."

You never told me that you were getting serious about some girl.  

 You had stopped writing to me maybe it was because of.... her.

 Jealousy! Huh, what could I possibly be jealous about? I'm just reminding you. Find your-..... girlfriend.  

Carmine closed his eyes and remembered Natalie's face. The unshed tears in her eyes. Her whispered words.

 You're taken.  

He opened his eyes. A hint of a smile in his face.

"Oh, she loves me. I know that but I'd like to play this game for a while."

"He'll be a dead man." Drew muttered in amusement.

"What was that?"

"Oh nothing, I just said that you'd be a happy man."

Carmine narrowed his eyes at him and Drew got up and left the room as fast as he could.


A knock at her door nudged Natalie from her thoughts.

"Come in."

The door opened and Edward stepped inside.

"Dad, did you need something?"

Edward smiled and sat down next to her on her bed.

"Yes, I needed my daughter's company."

Natalie smiled back.

"What are you doing?" he asked her.

"I was just doing some work. Got to get back to my job. I have to go tomorrow."

"I'm really sorry, sweetheart. Your mother just told me. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you yesterday."

"Don't be, dad. I'm happy to get rid of him."

Edward patted her back when she looked up at him, he whispered,"I want to kill him."

Natalie grinned,"Mutual feelings."

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