Chapter: 16 (Unedited)

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Carmine got out of his car and locked it. He took a deep breath then looked at the house right across his own. Natalie's house.

He moved his gaze toward her window and wished that he could see her there.

 I've been in love too, Natalie.  

What had made him say that? Who did he mean? Why does it feel like he already know but is determined to be ignorant?

He closed his eyes and turned his back on her house.  That's when he saw a gray sedan parked outside his house.

Curious, he opened the door to his house and got in. His mother was busy talking with someone who looked to be of Carmine's age. They were also talking about him. 

"Oh look, he is here." Caroline nodded toward Carmine and that guy turned his head to look at him.

"Carmine." He stood up and looked at Carmine intently.

Carmine nodded at him,"Hello." Then looked at Caroline in question.

"Oh, he is your friend, dear. Stuart. Stuart Parker."

Carmine glanced at Carmine. Same height. He had blonde hair and a cadet cut. Blue eyes. muscular. Not familiar at all.

Stuart gulped and glanced at Caroline as if shocked then chuckled without humor.

"Some years ago, you were the one to introduce me to your mom. Never imagined that there would come a day when your mother would be doing it."

Carmine averted his gaze. He couldn't remember Stuart. But he knew that he had hurt the man even if he was trying his best not to show it.

Caroline wiped off her tears and made her way toward kitchen.

In two strides, Stuart reached Carmine and punched his face.  Carmine fell back, completely taken aback.

He touched his mouth in shock then looked at Stuart who looked satisfied now," What the hell!"

"You deserved that. I mean DUDE, we are fighters. We fight with enemies. We stay on borders. A bullet never touched you. But that piece of scum got to you. He made you lose your memories. Bloody hell!"

Carmine got up. He straightened his shirt and righted his jacket's collar. Then punched Stuart right in his face. Stuart's body turned at the impact and he fell face first on the couch behind him.

Stuart got up, still in shock and touched his nose, his eyes widened at the sight of blood. He looked at Carmine and started to laugh," I don't think you've lost your memories, mate. I think you're playing with us."

Carmine just shrugged, picked up the tissue box from the corner table and handed it to him. Stuart wiped the blood off then stood up and hugged Carmine, slapping his back, hard." I missed you, bitch."

Carmine chuckled," I didn't even think about you." He said, sincerely.

Stuart pulled back and gave him a look.

Carmine motioned for him to sit.

Stuart sat down," So, what did the doctor say?"

Carmine shrugged," They say I'm progressing. I visit the hospital every once a week. They are making me do some mental exercises."

Stuart nodded," Do you remember anything?"

Right at that moment, Carmine saw flashbacks of him and Natalie, young, somewhere fighting over a lunch box, the places, his dreams. His love for someone.

He cleared his throat," Yeah, some small things. I haven't forgotten where I put my things in my room. I remember some scenes. I remember some places. When I'm driving, I know the ways to my destinations. The other day I was taking a bath and I found that I had a scar, when I touched it I saw flash backs of the scene where I had gotten it."

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