Chapter: 9 (Unedited)

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Next afternoon, Natalie was in an awesome mood.
She shouldered her purse and walked across the road toward Carmine's house. Today she had planned to put her friendship back on track. Enough of awkwardness.
She gave a cursory knock on the door then opened it and got inside.

"Carmine! Get down here." She shouted on the staircase.

She was grinning from ear to ear.

She heard a door open nearby.

"Natalie? Is that you, dear?"

"Hello Care mom, how's your day today? My, but you are glowing."

Caroline laughed,"Good. Everthing is kind of back to normal. Carmine woke up around 9 today. He came downstairs, woke me up and asked me for breakfast then while I was in kitchen I saw him dragging a sleeping Drew out of his room. Literally dragging by foot.
You know Natalie, there is a change in him. He is carefree now. I like that change."

Natalie smiled,"So where is he now?"

"Oh, he went out with Drew. Drew was so grumpy. Carmine wanted to see some sites. They both really made my day today. I made some pancakes with blueberry sauce on it. Come on."

Natalie blinked at her back and followed her into kitchen. She had never known Caroline to be so talkative.

"He could have asked me. I'd have taken him with me."

Caroline was busy spreading sauce on pancakes,"He said that he wanted to put his useless brother to some work."

Natalie nodded,"Do you have any idea where they would be?"

"No, I'm afraid not. Drew was grumbling the whole time that if Carmine wanted to go out with him then Drew would take him to his favorable places. Nowhere else. So use your imagination, dear." She winked at Natalie.

Natalie smiled and shook her head,"I think I'll let the boys have brother time and later interfere for some friends time."

"Why don't you go for some sisters time?"

"Alexa? She'd only go to a bookstore with me. She doesn't even like going to restaurant to grab a bite."

"Then make her live a little. Drop her at Karen's house for a week or something. She'll treat her right."

Natalie laughed,"Yeah, that's right. But I'm afraid of doing that. Who knows what Alexa would become after weeks with Karen and Sierra."

Caroline chuckled,"Here, eat this. I'll get juice for you. Which flavor?"

Natalie smiled while chewing, swallowed then said," Grape."

Caroline nodded then opened the fridge to search for it," I guess, boys raided the kitchen yesterday. Will apple do?"

"Sure." She said with a mouthful.

Natalie flipped through the papers of magazine then sighed and put it aside.

Nothing interesting in it.

She grabbed the remote control from the table, turned on the tv, and changed the channel to MTV.

She didn't like the songs.

She then changed it to news.


She put on movie channel.

Ugh. Romantic nonsense.

Then action movie.

Not ready for thriller yet.

She then put on Cartoon Network.
Mr. Bean's episodes were on air. It was her favorite.

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